Take Advantage Of The Enemy Within Control

In the enemy within control, you have to open the side mission after finishing the time task. This side mission allowed you to take the Anchor altered from the locked threshold. It will not be an easy task for all the players. But, I have manipulated the detail as per the exact requirement for the users to pick the job without any problem. Here is the complete method to control the enemy without ant problem.

How to Start?The Enemy within Control

At the start of the task, you have to investigate the room very carefully.  You need to control the entrance point of the Sealed Threshold. After clearing the control, now your time is to towards the Hall of the Sealed Threshold. There will be the south wall and the shelter inside the big hall where you to fight. Do not forget to make the room safe for you before starting the fight. The fight will automatically be activated when you reach the Anchor.

Boss fight with Anchor

It will not be a big problem for the Boss to fight versus the Anchor to rattle him in a few seconds. If you want to win within no time, you have to pick the heavy object and wait until the Anchor’s opening mouth. When the Anchor opens the mouth, please do not wait to put the item into his mouth. You have to repeat this process several times until the end of the task. I suggest that you do not leave until you clarify that it is no more now. After killing the Anchor, you will award by the Trophy of the Archetypes.

The Anchor will try to attack you from four different platforms in turn back. Do not worry at that time; you have a wonderful option of Launch hit over it. Moreover, do not get to wear the protective shield to save you from any attack. On the other hand, there will also be some small enemies on the battlefield to attack.

You have to see all around you for protection. The Anchor starts the attack through the spawn of a smaller type. All of your weapons must ready even there is no enemy in front of you. Using Launch for all kinds of the enemy is one of the best options for the Boss.

Clean up the Hiss- Corrupted agent

Now, the time is to fight with the Emily Pope in the Shelter door. First, finish the guards of the People before interacting with him. You will listen to the voice of Emily Pope again and again.  When you completed the task, leave the boardroom and go to the ground floor on the right side. Now you are in the situations of the dead letters. Get the hotline of the communication department on the way. Do not leave weapons until you complete all the tasks because you maybe face more small enemies there.

The time is to enter the Cafeteria behind the board without any late. There will be two Hiss Guards for attacking you. If you late to shoot on him, then they may harm you before you activate you. After this, if you won’t leave from there, use the north-west corner’s door to find the red room for the further greeting to the spawn ones—an attack on the 3 Hiss Guard in the floating shape before they create any danger for the Boss. Please do not leave any small enemy on the way and kill them without any delay. Go to the other area of the enemy by adopting the upstairs when you finished the Control point task.

How to obtain Launch Ability

When you want to leave for the Communication Department, select the double door for it. It will be on the right side of you, and the following the way of the corridor. It is the 2nd power object for you before you cross the rooms by sprinting and taking to the staircase’s right. So, a lot of small enemies and gangways on your way. You must rattle them in seconds before they create and problem for you.

Finally, you picked the ability of Launch after doing a lot of fights with all the opposition in the way. You also succeeded in obtaining the substitute for the reality tutorial for a more positive outcome. Before leaving the place, be ready to do any interaction with other enemies.

Try to avail the facility of the new weapon and ability for big attaches over the enemies of the Swarm when entering the door of the next side. Grab all the Launch to destroy the enemy.

After killing all the enemies, leave the room from the same side where you entered and finished the last big enemy. Pick the right for the next shelter, which is also important for you.

Carry the Anchor

Once you have killed the Anchor, what would you have to do next? It would help if you cleared the quest for the next goal. For this, remove the way over the enemy, which was raised there. The round will not complete until you clean the enemy for the side quest. If you succeeded, no one could stop you from earning the authority’s three more ability points. There is some more for you in the form of a mod and material.

The viewers can give suggestions to the editor if there is any fault by us. I tried best to provide you with a real description to win the battle without any problem.

Final Words

If you read all the details about the enemy within control, it is not a big deal to cover come in the entire games versus the small and big enemy. Most of the players failed to achieve the target due to change the way from the given instructions. Moreover, a better experience will come to your hand when you played it several times. All the procedures about the start of the fight, carry the anchor, and launch ability would be better for any new player into the game.

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