What is our duty about the teen selfies?

A lot of teenagers liked to take selfies. This activity produced a lot of mixed results in the future for him. Teen selfies became a real threat nowadays. Undoubtedly, most boys and girls do not like to share their pictures on Facebook and Instagram or any other social media platform, while the other has the charm to do it to get much response from the friends.

We have seen that the girls made a lot of selfies and put the best on social media. These kinds of activities caused the problem of the parent in the coming time. Sometimes, you selfie hacked and used to trouble after some time when you forget that moment. Here is some useful information for the parents and the teenager to stay away from bad actors. We are not forbidding the users but just trying to polish their views.

Dignity and Selfie

Most teens made numerous selfies in a day because they want to put these on Facebook. After doing it, they started to wait for the good comments and likes over the pictures. The craze of the selfie is equal in boys and girls. Sometimes, they do not know their self-respect also. If they failed to get some positive response from the friends, they tried to make another selfie to post on the platform. Instagram and Facebook are some of the best options for them.

The researchers are also against these activities because most schoolboys and early college students have been involved in these additions. They wasted time taking selfies and failed to pay full attention to the study. So, in the final exam, they could not pass the exams. On the other hand, the parent also remained worried about these bad acts from the children.

Some teens took bad comments on their hearts and tried to do some bad acts. In a recent report, it has been seen that more than 60 percent of schoolboys and girls were involved in making selfies and remained busy for many hours outside the classing in the form of bunk. They loosed their self-worth along with education also. We know that the teenager is full of excitement, and the boy did not listen to anyone for fulfilling their wishes.

Fame and Selfies

There are two kinds of teens who want to promote themselves by sharing selfies with the other. Most of them ruined their life to make a false reputation versus the other. On the other hand, many teens made selfies just creating fun and using the time.

In the past some years, it watched that a girl post her picture on social media to their friends, and then after some time, her friends edit that photo to re-share on Facebook and Instagram. So, the image started to go viral within no time. The real person did not know what is going on social media. Then, he or she can understand, the time has gone.

Many suicides under the age of the 20 have been done by sharing selfies of teens. For example, girls share a picture to his boyfriend, and the view is very sexy; her boyfriend threatened to post her picture on social media if he does not complete his demands. So, these things from both the boys and girls took him to a very bad situation in life. The selfies changed the scenario to revenge for them.

How Selfies are a danger?

If you watch the TV in a daily routine, then it is no need to tell you about the bad aspects of the selfies. The selfies maker wants some different than the others. The liked to change the background in some new ways like burning fire, falling of water and other stunts. These kinds of selfies created a lot of risk for him. The number of deaths increased in the teenager due to the reason of the risky selfies.

The 2nd reason which created another problem for the selfie makers is the bad understanding of the location. Sometimes, they try to take selfies on the roofs and do not know the exact place, and a street is behind him. They fell into the street and failed to save the life.

What is our duty about the teen selfies?

No doubt, the selfie is a good option for the people to express themselves in front of their fans and lovers. But, they need some assistance from the older ones. The parents must tell then about the bad results of the selfies. We must reveal to them how your selfie can take your life in some minutes. Most of the hackers are on the internet to misuse your pictures.

You need to check the children properly and tell them not to share your selfies pictures with the others. According to my perspective, more than 60% of users will understand you in a short time. Moreover, tell the disadvantage of the selfies in the precious days of study in their life.

It is a very simple method to reduce teen selfies if you ask them how many boys and girls got addicted through selfies. They will look around him to find the exact numbers. Furthermore, it automatically put a positive impact on his minds.

We must educate the children about the causes and effects of teen selfies. If the high schools and Pre College teachers took the responsibility to tell them the disadvantages of the selfies, then the positive result must be improved in some months.

Final Words

I hope that all the readers understand the points which I tried to tell them. The parents and teacher must take the responsibility to reduce the selfies’ victims for a better result the next time. Teen selfies became a real problem for life and the study of the children’s. If anyone likes to make any selfies, they must be careful due to scammers on social media.

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