Interesting Facts And Details About Strange Volcanic Rock Turn In


This Page only Describes Strange Volcanic Rock Turn In. World of Warcraft game has multiple functions of collecting various things and storing them. Volcanic rock is among those stones or valuable elements that you need to store or protect.

My cousin loves playing this game, but he didn’t understand how to collect that and proceed further. Therefore, he searched on YouTube, writing strange volcanic rock, and watched some streaming videos.

Let’s find out about the whole game, especially about that rock and the further actions.

Which Place The Volcanic Rock Belong To The Original Game

The game WOW (World of Warcraft) is a game from Blizzard Entertainment; moreover, it’s a multiplayer game with four versions. It has a total of eight extension packs; the rise of the Azshara battle for Azeroth is one.

There are two regions in this rise of Azshara; Nazjatar, the Naga capital, is among them. You will find a volcanic rock, also known as a strange volcanic rock wow in the Nazjatar region.

You will have to gather weapons and armors to continue raids inside and outside the palace. On the other hand, you will get some treasure chests; you have to update your profession and increase your reputation throughout the game.

However, this is not the end; you may enjoy various natural scenic beauty because the region is not underwater. You will have to fight battles and summons on behalf of your area; this was a brief gameplay description.

What Is The Strange Volcanic Rock Used For?

The volcanic rock is essential in the whole game because you need to summon some items from a place named Mardivas’s laboratory. You can’t withdraw or gather crucial things from the laboratory without it.

You will get some instructions like “ Bring a pyroclasmic arcane crystal to charge it, empowering the elemental essence amalgamator with the power of fire.”

When you’ve already collected the rock, the game will direct you towards the cave in Azshari’s terrace, referred to as Merdivas’s laboratory. After turning in the quest, the players can choose one to defeat elemental amalgamations.

Where Should You Turn In The Mineralized Water?

You will get some daily and weekly quests to bring them to the laboratory; you won’t have problems with the daily ones. Remember, you will get one chance a week to bring a precious vault called the strange mineralized water to the laboratory territory.

You will have multiple elements of choice there, but you can choose only one thing for the battle for Azeroth.

Types And Names Of Volcanic Rock

You will have different, approximately 109 types of volcanic rocks for various elements and purposes; the total number is not known. Let me show you a chart of essential volcanic rocks with their total existing amount.

RocksAvailability LevelTotal Quantity
Shirakess Speaker12033 out of 263
Zanj’ir Aggressor120117 out of 1036
Zanj’ir Scale warden12075  out of 687
Zanj’ir Stalker12064 out of 645
Azshara Deep stalker12049 out of 500
Azshara wave breaker1205 out of 49
Zanj’ir Slaver1201582 out of 17968
Zanj’ir Brute120353 out of 3788
Imperial Shaper120227 out of 2500
Undana Frostbarb120199 out of 2153

There are more rocks available in this game, but none is available before 120 levels. You will start getting those after reaching the 120 levels; the availability percentage is about (9-10) if you analyze the chart.

How Will You Unlock The Laboratory Of Mardivas And Get Strange Volcanic Rock

You will have to explore quests in Nazjatar to find out a silver knife; the silver knife is the first step towards unlocking the lab. Mardivas used to be a crazy sorcerer who was very protective of his treasures.

On your way to the laboratory, you will have to kill some harmful creatures; moreover, you have to solve the puzzle you’re given. You have to collect information from the citizens, and diaries that direct you to Mardivas’s lab.

Performing the weekly tasks and increasing the reputation each time at least 500+ increases the possibility to unlock the lab. You will have a twist quest surprise challenge where you can obtain the strange oceanic sediment.

After obtaining that, you will receive the volcanic rock, and mineralized water; collecting these reagents will slowly take you closer to your destination. It will take almost 13-14 weeks to unlock the laboratory.

What Is The Real-life Volcanic Rock?

Volcanic rock is the particle or substance that comes out from the earth with volcano lava; that’s why it’s called a volcanic rock. It has solid, ashes, or small particle-like parts; they are different colored too.

They have critical chemical bonds, and some a bunch of minerals contain; mostly, it has silicon dioxide. Basalt, Rhyolite, Granite, Andesite, Dacite, and Latite are common volcanic rocks that are different from each other.

Some Important FAQ

Where will you find the Lithic Arcanocrystal?

After you have unlocked the Mardivas’s laboratory, you will find the lithic arcanocrystal there. It’s one of the Mardivas’s hidden treasures that you can achieve at the level-120.

How can I summon the burning amalgamator?

You have to use a strange volcanic rock to activate a lesser pyroclastic crystal; you can summon the amalgamator later.

How can I get a scrying stone?

When you are proceeding towards the laboratory of Mardivas, you will face many puzzles and questlines. The scrying questlines are at the initial stage; once you cross them, you will get scrying stones.


I hope this article helped you know the concept of volcanic rock inside the game because they are hard to get. The rock also portrays as a treasure and a source of various elements like real-life.

The World of Warcraft is an exciting game full of adventures; moreover, you will enjoy playing it with others. You should try the other expansions if your windows setting allow; each expansion has different adventures and missions. So all interested people clear about Strange Volcanic Rock Turn In. Happy Reading.

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