Can Mute People Make Sounds? Why They Not

Most of the people in the entire world failed to speak because they are deaf. We know that the mute’s meaning tells that the main did not have any ability to communicate the others. No doubt, there could be several reasons behind it. I search too many details to answer the can mute people make sounds in an easy way. If a man does not speak, then his vocal organ failed to support the tongue.

The vocal organ’s failure is one of the first reasons not to speak because it is directly attached to the jaw, lips, larynx, and tongue also. While on the other hand, this problem can start from the birth of the child. In the past years, we have seen that most deaf cases increased due to the brain’s injury. So, it affected the speaking ability of human beings. I will try my best to tell you the real information about the problem.

Reasons not to speak

We have observed a lot of reasons not to speak by the people. Here are three main prominent points which are essential to discuss here for the viewers.

Vocal Organs

The main reason for every deaf person is the damage in the vocal organ; most people have been facing this issue from the first day of life while others are caught by it after some years. But, we saw that these people have more communication power to tell his problem to others. You can inquire to the doctor to check this problem. It may be useful if you try. 

Brain Damage

If a person has passed through a severe accident in life, it could also increase speaking. No doubt, by using whisper and coughing activities, they can still tell the issue to the others. Their understanding of sense power is more than the normal ones in the society. When you cough, a lot of air gather on the backside of the throat to push the organ to speak something but in a low voice.

Damage to any part of the body

It is not sure that the above two reasons must cause the deaf of a person. In the history of the cases, it saw that when a man got severely injured to any part of the body, it also affects the vocal organ of that person. So, we cannot leave any real arguments in the favor or against the matter. The University Of Utah Health Science Center has done a study over it with some videos also.

How many ways to make a sound?

There are two main ways to produce sound by a person. Here is the description with complete detail for the readers.

Push the Air

The first method to speak is through the air’s pushing by the vocal folds from the person s larynx. Then, these fold s started to vibrate each other’s to create some sounds. It is the same method as the use of guitar.

In this process, the jaw and the person’s tongue tried to give different shapes to the cavities. These cavities repel to each other to make some sound. All of the functions depend upon the working of the vocal folds to move the tongue for speaking. When two surfaces vibrated, then the sound is automatically created.

Small Constriction

You can also try to speak when there would be a small constriction in the mouth, which always ready to push the air. The main feature of this option is that it does not need any vibration from the vocal’s folds. Furthermore, all deaf people can make the sound very quickly by losing the vocal folds. It is also the same as a normal man took a breath to get more air into the mouth.

By taking the long breathing caused me to make sound also. It same behaved like a whisper when you try to speak in a lower voice very clearly. Your focal fold will not match each other, but the sound will produce for you.

If you found that someone is trying to whisper, he is trying to speak because of not being affected by vocal folds in the mouth. His chances of making sound and speaking are more than the others.

What happens if the vocal folds damaged?

The damage of the vocal folds also caused to decrease the chances of making the sound. But do not worry. They still have an opportunity to speak through the whisper method that is an excellent technique for us. Moreover, after sometimes, he will start to do cough.

The researcher found something special in the mute peoples. They observed that no doubt, they are unable to speak, but their other hidden power is extreme than the normal ones. They can write and tell the real points to the observer. Moreover, the sense of understating things is also magical.

Final word

After reading all the above details, I hope you find the right answer to the question that can mute people to make sounds. There are two main options for the people to make sounds like to push the air in the vocal folds and the 2nd is also the same type as doing the small constrictions. If you want to save from mute problems, you must be careful during life, especially at the start.

In society, these kinds of people named as special people. If we try to give them some assistance for some time, then with the passage of the time, they can provide a positive result. It does not mean that they will start to speak like ordinary people globally, but it takes some improvement for him. Collection Source: Wikipedia

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