Vale: Fast, safe, and easy programming language

Vale is the fast, safe, and easy programming language.

Vale’s goal is to show the world that speed and safety can be easy! Vale is:

  • Fast: Vale is an AOT compiled, statically-typed language that uses the new generational references technique for memory-safe control over data layout.
  • Safe: It is the safest native language, using region isolation and “Fearless FFI” to help keep extern code’s bugs from affecting Vale objects.
  • Easy: Its new take on regions will enable alternate memory management and allocation strategies, with the planned region borrow checker enabling easy interop between them, and eliminating the vast majority of generational references’ overhead.

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Upcoming Features:

We have some ambitious goals, to bring several new ideas into the programming world:

See the Roadmap for more!


exported func main() {

println(“Hello world!”);


exported func main() {

planets = [#][“Venus”, “Earth”, “Mars”];

foreach planet in planets {

println(“Hello “ + planet +!”);



Hello Venus!
Hello Earth!
Hello Mars!

Vale is part of the Vale Language Project, which explores, discovers, and publishes new programming language mechanisms that enable speed, safety, and ease of use.

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