Show HN: Unsubscan – Free and offline mailing list unsubscription tool

Show HN: Unsubscan – Free and offline mailing list unsubscription tool

A tool to help you find unsubscribe links in your emails


I created unsubscan because I think that anyone should be able to quickly and easily look at their emails and:

  • Unsubscribe from whatever they want
  • Unsubscribe whenever they want
  • Unsubscribe for free
  • Unsubscribe without yet another subscription service
  • Unsubscribe without having to give another company access to their emails
  • Unsubscribe without having to forward emails to other companies


Pre-compiled binaries of the latest release will be made available on the Releases page of this repository.

Alternatively, you may also compile this project from source if you have a working Rust development environment:

git clone
cd unsubscan
cargo install --path .

How it works

First, export your emails as an archive of EML files from your provider. Instructions on how to do this with different
email providers are below:

Once downloaded, extract the archive of emails to a new folder.

If you are running on a system that allows you to drag a folder directly onto an application to use that folder as an
input (e.g. dragging and dropping a folder from Explorer onto an exe file on Windows), then this is all you have to do.

If you are more comfortable on the command line, you can also call the binary with the path to your extracted folder of
EML files as the sole argument.

The folder will be scanned for unsubscribe links and when the scanning is complete, an HTML page will open in your default
browser with a complete list of all the links found and further instructions and explanations.

If you are running unsubscan from the command line, you may also optionally receive the output in JSON format.


Please feel free to open a PR with links explaining how to export emails as EML files with other email providers.

I am not interested in adding MBOX support myself, but I will be happy to review and eventually accept a PR that adds
this functionality.

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