New Apple Watch study aims to validate ECG use for children undergoing cancer therapy

New Apple Watch study aims to validate ECG use for children undergoing cancer therapy

A new Apple Watch study in Australia is working to validate the use of ECGs for children undergoing cancer therapy. Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) is one of the top child health research institutes in the world and is the organization performing this study.

The Apple Watch study includes pediatric, adolescent, and young adult patients from ages 7 to 18. According to My Healthy Apple, researchers are trying to find out if the Apple Watch‘s ECG capabilities are worthy of measuring QT prolongation during or after cancer therapy.

Medical News Today on QT prolongation:

QT prolongation occurs when the heart muscle takes a comparatively longer time to contract and relax than usual. QT prolongation may increase the risk of developing abnormal heart rhythms and may lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Nature shows data that the Apple Watch can accurately measure QT interval. Additionally, doctors can easily calculate your QTc using an Apple Watch through the QTc-Calculator app.

The Apple Watch Study’s goal

The new study’s goal is to “evaluate the agreement between the QTc measured using 12 lead ECG and Apple Watch using mean absolute error calculations.” It’s also trying to measure the sensitivity of prolonged QTc by using the device.

By using the Apple Watch, doctors can improve patient outcomes through real-time monitoring of any irregularities, widespread screening, and detection, and can start treatment sooner.

The app together with the device (Apple Watch) will record a V1 (Left wrist) or V2 (left ankle) ECG reading. These measurements will be conducted on Day 1 and Day 4 of inpatient stay.

The Apple Watch is gradually becoming a regular tool in health studies and medical facilities these days. It has saved lives before and will likely save more in the future. The many health features (and counting) are a driving reason why many decide to purchase an Apple Watch. As we’re gradually approaching a potential launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, rumors swirl about new health features like blood glucose monitoring, body temperature sensor, and more.

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