Gizfit 910 Pro Smartwatch Review-Packaged Budget Wearable

Gizfit 910 Pro Smartwatch Review-Packaged Budget Wearable


The wearable market in India is growing by leaps and bounds. During the first quarter of 2022(Q1 2022), a record number of 13.9 million units were shipped, representing a 20.1% YoY jump. According to IDC, budget smartwatches dominated shipments with 3.7 million units, representing a growth of 173.0 per cent (YoY). The sales are bound to increase further this year, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as more and more consumers are willing to invest in the sub-5K wearable market.


  • Pocket-friendly Price
  • Premium Looks
  • Google Fit & Strava Support
  • Supports Bluetooth Calling
  • Large 1.69” Display


  • Mediocre Speaker Output
  • Companion App Could Use Some Design Changes

While some known names- Boat, Noise, OnePlus, Realme, etc. are topping the charts, new brands are also heavily populating the market with feature-loaded products. One such brand is Gizmore. Headquartered in New Delhi, Gizmore started operations in 2018 and offers a range of products including personal audio, mobile accessories, and wearables.

The Gizfit 910 Pro is the latest budget smartwatch from the homegrown brand. Priced aggressively at Rs. 2,499, the budget smartwatch is packed with wearable-centric utilities and also supports Bluetooth calling, a feature which has become widely popular among buyers. We tested the budget wearable for over a week to find out how the product performs in real-life tests.

Gizfit 910 Pro Design

Similar to most budget smartwatches, the Gizfit 910 Pro also takes design cues from the benchmark Apple Watch and features a rectangular dial with the largest display in its class. The cover glass on wearable’s 1.69-inch screen gently curves towards the edges, giving it a premium appearance. The looks are further enhanced by a brushed metal finish frame with silver accents and a clicky hardware button.

Gizfit 910 Pro Durability

Due to its large 1.69-inch display, the watch feels bulkier on smaller wrists, and you may want to remove it when sleeping. As far as durability is concerned, the Gizfit 910 feels sturdy and also comes with IP67 water-dust rating, which should offer decent protection to the wearable while working out in the gym or during swim sessions.

Gizfit 910 Pro Display

The 1.69-inch screen size is ideal for most smartwatch requirements such as notification reading, checking health statistics, weather data and more. My eyes didn’t struggle to read data on the TFT display; however, there’s more to display than just the screen size. The 1.69-inch TFT screen (240 X 240px resolution) feels a bit less lively outdoors. The company is promising 500nits of peak brightness but the panel feels a bit dimmer for such brightness levels; however, it works just fine for indoor use.

Gizfit 910 Display Touch Response

The touch response and color reproduction are also good for the price. Lastly, the 1.69-inch dial supports over 100 watch faces that can be browsed on the smartphone app. Overall, the Gizfit 910 Pro manages to offer a good screen in its price segment.

Gizfit 910 Pro Day-To-Day Performance

The budget wearable doesn’t feel sluggish and the utility features mostly work well. You can make a call from the watch itself by using the built-in dialler; however, the speaker output is below average. The camera and music control feature works seamlessly and you can also use the ‘Find my phone feature to ring a bell on a connected handset. The watch also has an AI-based voice command feature that invokes the smart assistant on a connected device. The on-device AI functionality could have made for a better feature though.

Gizfit 910 Pro Smartphone App & User Interface

This smartphone app- CoFit (iOS and Android) has all the features a wearable needs, but it is not thoughtfully designed. App developers could have grouped connectivity in one section, utilities in another, and so forth. As far as the software is concerned, the budget wearable has an easy-to-learn user interface that works with basic swipes.

  • The hardware button wakes on the screen and also serves as a back button.
  • A swipe down opens up the quick settings that display brightness slider, shortcuts to the settings menu, Bluetooth calling feature, Find phone utility, etc.
  • Swipe up opens the main menu to allow access to wearable apps and settings menu.
  • Swipe left/right on the main screen shows different home screens with widgets such as weather, heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor and more.

Gizfit 910 Pro As A Health Wearable

The budget smartwatch can keep a track of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, steps, distance covered and calories burnt in a day. The data is shown on the wearable and in the companion app. The sensors’ readings correspond to those of most budget wearables and some midrange watches like the Mi Watch Revolve. You can set the wearable to monitor your heart rate throughout the day with different time intervals such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

The wearable also offers sleep monitoring, and menstrual tracking and sends you sedentary reminders. Gizmore could have also added water-drinking reminders as it helps you keep a track of water intake throughout the day.

Gizfit 910 Pro Sports Modes & Fitness Services

Unlike Realme and Dizo which offers up to 110 sports modes on their wearables, the Gizfit 910 Pro only ships with the ten most used modes such as running, cycling, climbing, walking, treadmills, spinning, yoga and some game modes including basketball, football and badminton. The watch can use the connected device’s GPS to track location maps for running and cycling sessions.

Moving on, one of the most important features of this budget wearable is the support for third-party fitness apps; however, the feature is not yet fully functional. The smartphone app’s settings menu shows auto data sync mode for Google Fit & Strava. The wearable managed to send my heart rate readings to Google Fit; however, the Android app support for Strava seemed lacking in functionality. A software update might resolve such issues.

Gizfit 910 Pro Battery Life

The Gizfit 910 Pro lasted for four days on a single charge with a mixed-use of the calling feature and without it. If you keep the Bluetooth calling mode enabled, the budget wearable will mostly last for a day and a half. We have tested budget wearables with better battery lasting capacity in the same price segment. As far as charging time is concerned, the smartwatch takes around two hours for a full refill.


For Rs. 2,499, the Gizfit 910 Pro is one of the most feature-loaded budget wearables. It has got premium looks, a big display, and most required health & fitness features along with the widely popular Bluetooth calling support. The speaker output is subpar and the support for 3rd-party fitness apps is still a work in progress. Despite some of these setbacks, the Gizfit 910 Pro is a good investment and makes for a decent budget wearable.

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