The radical potential of self-evolving robots | Emma Hart

The radical potential of self-evolving robots | Emma Hart

Emma Hart | New Scientist, 2022 | Article

“Meet the robots that can reproduce, learn and evolve all by themselves”

A recent feature article in New Scientist that explains some of the science around evolving robots – but also touches on what biologists can learn from studying artificial evolving systems.

Department of Computer Science, University of York | YouTube, 2021 | Watch

“YorRobots – Towards the Autonomous Evolution of Robotics Ecosystems”

A 45 minute talk on the scientific, engineering and ethical aspects of this work.

York Robotics Laboratory | Explore

Autonomous Robot Evolution: Cradle to Grave

The project website containing some background as well as links to scientific publications and media associated with the project.

Agoston E. Eiben and Jim Smith | Nature, 2015 | Article

“From evolutionary computation to the evolution of things”

An early paper describing how artificial evolution can be used to evolve artefacts.

Rolf Pfeifer and Josh Bongard | A Bradford Book, 2006 | Book

How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence

A seminal text that demonstrates that thought is not independent of the body but is tightly constrained, and at the same time enabled, by it, which has had deep influence on the field of evolutionary robotics.

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