The Best Camera Gear for Your Smartphone

The Best Camera Gear for Your Smartphone

We’re living in a golden age of mobile photography, and the opposite of a golden age for everything else. The gear in this guide will up your game for making content at home or out and about, using just your smartphone. Our favorite Android phones and iPhones have outstanding cameras, but tripods, mics, and video lights can elevate the quality of your work. Here’s everything you need to turn your phone into a pro-grade powerhouse.

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Updated March 2022: We’ve added the Moment Multi-Threaded Tripod Mount and the ShiftCam ProGrip Battery Grip.

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  • Photograph: Moment

    A Pocket-Size Cinema Lens

    Moment Anamorphic Lens

    Your smartphone’s camera is already great, but its key shortcoming is the built-in—and very small—lens. A bigger lens means more detailed and more dramatic images. That’s where Moment comes in. Using professional-grade optics, Moment lenses greatly expand your phone camera’s capabilities. The company makes different lenses for different applications. Pictured here is the Moment Anamorphic lens, which is perfect for video or ultrawide landscape photography. If you’re looking to shoot better portraits with your phone or wade into street photography, I’d also recommend Moment’s 58-mm lens. It’s right in that telephoto sweet spot, delivering 2X magnification and some luscious bokeh. 

    To use any of Moment’s lenses, you will have to invest in a Moment Photo Case, but the designs are stylish, and they offer excellent all-around protection. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, Moment includes MagSafe magnets so you can use MagSafe accessories, like its own set of mounts for attaching tripods, mics, lights, and more. Even if you don’t have a new iPhone, its (M)Force magnet cases for other phones support the same accessories.

  • Photograph: Moment 

    A Filter Mount and Polarizer

    Moment 37-mm Mount + CPL Filter

    This filter and mount kit open up a world of possibilities for your default phone camera. It mounts to any Moment case (see above), and the filter screws right on. The included filter is a polarization filter, which makes it possible to shoot photos and videos without capturing reflections. That way you can capture images through windows or without reflected sunlight on the surface of water. The CPL filter also makes it easy to shoot videos of people wearing glasses without catching yourself in the reflection.

  • Photograph: Shoulderpod

    A Grip With Mounting Points

    Shoulderpod G2

    The Shoulderpod G2 is a weird-looking device. It’s a big hunk of durable, rubberized plastic with a heavy-duty clamp to secure your smartphone in horizontal or vertical orientation. The grip makes it easy to keep your videos steady, and the six cold-shoe mounts offer plenty of options for external lights and microphones. Plus, it has a tripod mount so it can be as mobile or stationary as you need it to be. It’s a versatile addition to any kit.

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