Company That Connects Creators With Publishers, Producers Calls For Investors

Company That Connects Creators With Publishers, Producers Calls For Investors

Publishers Agents Films has made it easier than ever for creators to reach out to investors, clients, and partners across the world. Now it wants to expand its capabilities further with the help of new investors. The 18-year-old company is opening its doors to seed capital from interested partners or acquisition proposals from a larger company.

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If you are a venture capitalist or angel investor interested in collaborating with an experienced agency in the filmmaking industry, then Publishers Agents Films is the company to talk to.

The company holds a strong reputation for acting as a bridge between creators and their decision-making counterparts in the publishing and film industries. It has maintained profitability since its inception, an achievement made possible by its proprietary system and email software, which allows you to contact decision-makers in targeted industries by sending out personalized email queries.

While Publishers Agents Films primarily uses this software for the publishing and film industries in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia, its underlying technology applies to any industry across the world. It has already begun implementing this approach to the music, VC, game, toy, and law enforcement industries, which has led to the formation of its new offshoot, The VC Connection.

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The company recently closed on a partnership to create The Video Connection, which will help you develop promotional media content that will go alongside your email queries.

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About the Company

Publishers Agents Films connects writers to publishers, agents, and other relevant partners in the film industry. Its CEO and founder, Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., is an author, screenwriter, and film producer. Scott has published over 200 books throughout her career and has produced 18 feature films, documentaries, and TV series.

A spokesperson said, “Publishers Agents Films is well-positioned for global expansion. Our small team is currently involved in communicating with customers, sending out queries, updating the databases, and keeping records. We need $1-5 million in investment capital, primarily for marketing, promotion, and database development, to expand our services and hire additional employees to handle increasing business.”

If you want to expand to the entertainment industry, don’t miss this chance. Contact Publishers Agents Films today to get started!

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Gini Graham Scott

Publishers Agents Films

2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite #4-366

San Ramon

United States

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