Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, Helena Hauff Join VISIV’s The Future Is Now

Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, Helena Hauff Join VISIV’s The Future Is Now

It’s a brand new Web3 enabled endeavour…


15 · 03 · 2022

The groundbreaking hybrid techno and technology concept VISIV is launching their long awaited event: The Future Is Now on March 19th. Fully immersing themselves at the unique crossroads of NFTs and live music, the debut of VISIV will not only take place at the iconic Paris La Défense Arena, but will also be accessible via the metaverse in collaboration with SXSW. Begging the question of techno’s return to its technological roots, and causing us to wonder how artists could benefit from a newfound digital ownership, VISIV is pushing the boundaries of launching techno into the future.

The event will feature a world-class lineup of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, Helena Hauff, DVS1, Rodhad, Dasha Rush and Bambounou, and will offer three unique NFTs.

The first NFT will be a realistic 3D models of the lineup. Only one unique NFT per artist will be created and sold to people in a fractionalized way meaning that one artist can be collectively “owned” by many different people. To support artists in these difficult COVID times, the NFTs offer an additional revenue stream for artists.

A second NFT will be based around the brand’s own visual identity, taking the form of VISIV’s infamous 7 Deadly Skulls. Each has its own shape and narrative and once purchased will be able to unlock possibilities like avatar use and skinnable items in the metaverse.  

Lastly, the third NFT represents the whole VISIV event as an experience transformed into digital art. Fractional owners of this NFT will be granted unlimited access to relive the experience over and over again, with a percentage of sales going on to directly support the artists’ revenue streams.

VISIV, born out a curiosity regarding the bridging of techno and technology, is questioning the how NFTs could be used to benefit electronic artists. In an age of streaming and an increased desire from fans to directly support their favourite artists, NFTs could offer the potential for artists to control every aspect of their music. This newfound ownership of one’s art could give power back to artists in the growing grey-area of digital ownership, and introduce new revenue streams to ensure artists are accurately paid for their work.

Boasting an exclusive 1000 KW sound system from Meyer Sound and a world-class lineup, The Future Is Now is sure to unleash an earthquake of acid-house, electro, EBM, and techno sounds across both Paris and the metaverse.

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Words: Ruby Carter

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