Apple streamlines the process of buying a new iPhone SE for AT&T and T-Mobile customers

Apple streamlines the process of buying a new iPhone SE for AT&T and T-Mobile customers

With the launch of the third generation iPhone SE, Apple has made some changes to introduce a streamlined purchase process for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Users will now be able to send their personal data to the carriers when they first turn on the device, rather than having to wait for approval when ordering the new iPhone.

Currently, when you buy a carrier-tied iPhone at an Apple Store (whether online or retail), you need to provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your phone number. This process takes time since the carrier needs to review and approve your data. Apple is now cutting down this barrier.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has chosen AT&T and T-Mobile as the first two carriers in the United States to offer the new streamlined process. Starting March 29, Apple will sell the new iPhone SE to customers and let them provide all the required data after they have the phone in hand.

Customers will also no longer need to choose a plan at the time of purchase, giving users even more freedom and control when buying a new iPhone.

The change will also benefit Apple’s retail employees, as sometimes they are unable to activate the phone at the time the customer purchases it, resulting in a bad experience for both the user and Apple. The report notes that while only these two carriers have partnered with Apple first, Verizon will join the program at a later date.

The company has been making it easier for its customers to purchase new iPhones in its stores. In addition to selling unlocked devices, which do not require sending any data to the carriers, it has also started delivering devices with a pre-installed eSIM.

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