Nvidia is investigating a possible cybersecurity threat

Nvidia is investigating a possible cybersecurity threat

What just happened? A report this week revealed that some systems at Nvidia have been experiencing outages recently. The company is investigating a potential cyberattack but can’t confirm anything yet. The timing does seem ominous in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

An Nvidia spokesperson told The Telegraph this week that the company is investigating an “incident” and didn’t have any more information to reveal. However, The Telegraph’s sources warn of something more serious.

Over the last two days, Nvidia has suffered outages in its internal email and developer tools. Although email systems are working again as of Friday, one source told The Telegraph of an intrusion that “completely compromised” the company’s internal systems.

It could simply be an outage, and Nvidia could have merely shut its systems down out of an abundance of caution. Still, everyone is understandably a bit more cautious as it coincided with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week.

Cyberwarfare has repeatedly emerged as a front in the conflict between the two countries, although there isn’t any confirmed link between Nvidia, this incident, and the invasion. That said, ransomware incidents worldwide linked back to Russia have been a concern.

In addition to internal systems, Nvidia is also likely checking to see if there is any danger to the software it distributes to customers.

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