Intel’s Arrow Lake Chips To Outperform Apple Silicon M1 Max: Launch In 2023

Intel’s Arrow Lake Chips To Outperform Apple Silicon M1 Max: Launch In 2023


Although Apple is pretty new to computer chips, their Apple M1 Pro and the Apple M1 Max have outperformed the Intel and AMD chips by a huge margin, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Although the 12th Gen Intel Core H series processor offered more performance, they just need more power envelopes to attain the same.

A Twitter used named AdoreTV has now published the possible roadmap of Intel laptop chips that claims that Intel might finally have chips that can outperform Apple Silicon M1 Max by 2023. Intel is speculated to launch the Arrow Lake processors by the end of 2023 which is said to offer better power efficiency and performance when compared to the Apple Silicon M1 Max.

However, this could be too late, as Apple is likely to be working on the successor to the M1 Max, which is likely to be called the M2 Max which is also expected to be better at power efficiency and performance. Hence, Intel even in 2023 might have to play a catch-up game with Apple even in 2023.

It wasn’t a rumour, it was their plan. I talked with Intel engineers working on the project and I was also handed this slide a bit before then. If they are no longer doing TSMC 3nm its a decision made since the video.

— Jim (@AdoredTV) February 22, 2022

What To Expect From Arrow Lake?

As mentioned before, the Arrow Lake series of processors will debut by the end of 2023. These processors will be fabbed using Intel 3 or 3nm process and are expected to be manufactured by TSMC. Hence, these processors will be more powerful, as Intel will be able to pack more transistors in a smaller die area and will also be energy efficient.

Hence, the Arrow Lake processors are said to be more powerful and power-efficient when compared to the 12th Gen Intel Core processors and even the Apple Silicon M1 Max, which is a 5nm processor. Again, Intel will have multiple SKUs in the Arrow Lake series, which are likely to be divided into H series, P series, and U series, just like the Alder Lake series of processors.

Will Apple Come Back To Intel?

I think that ship has sailed long off the shores. Apple is very unlikely to come back to Intel, especially for laptop chips. However, if Intel can make processors that are as powerful and efficient as the Apple Silicon, the company will give tough competition in the laptop market to Apple MacBooks.

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Story first published: Friday, February 25, 2022, 12: 36 [IST]

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