Amsterdam Apple Store gunman wanted $227M in cryptocurrency; Apple comments

Amsterdam Apple Store gunman wanted $227M in cryptocurrency; Apple comments

The Amsterdam Apple Store gunman who took a hostage yesterday was demanding the payment of a €200M ($227M) ransom in cryptocurrency. Police released the update in a press conference this morning.

Apple has also commented for the first time, thanking police, store staff and customers …

Amsterdam Apple Store gunman

The incident occurred yesterday, with police saying little at the time.

The Amsterdam Police Unit has confirmed an ongoing robbery turned hostage situation occurring at the Apple Store located in Leidseplein. In a message posted to Twitter, the Amsterdam Police said that there is a “hostage situation” at the Apple Store, but that it is not sharing any further details at this time “for the safety of those involved.”

Police reveal more details

Police also revealed that the hostage-taker was hit by a police car during his capture, reports Fortune.

A hostage situation at Apple Inc.’s flagship retail store in Amsterdam ended with the suspect taken to hospital with serious injuries after getting hit by a police car.

The suspect, a 27-year-old Amsterdam resident, contacted authorities during the incident and demanded 200 million euros ($227 million) in cryptocurrency and a safe exit from the Apple store at the bustling Leidseplein square, Amsterdam police officials said at a press conference early Wednesday […]

The suspect was in possession of both an automatic weapon and a handgun and fired at least four shots, according to the police. 

In addition to the hostage held by the gunman – who has not yet been named – police found four other people hiding in a closet inside the store. They were safely rescued, with around 70 others having already made it out of the store unharmed.

The incident was initially reported as a robbery gone wrong. It’s as yet unclear whether the demand for a ransom was a spur of the moment one after the gunman found the store surrounded by armed police, or whether it had been his plan all along.

TechCrunch obtained a statement from Apple.

Apple says that all employees and customers are safe “after this terrifying experience,” per a statement obtained by TechCrunch. There is still an on-going investigation, the company added.

“We want to thank local law enforcement for their exceptional work and ongoing investigation,” the statement, provided by an Apple spokesperson, continues. “Our teams and customers took swift action and showed incredible strength and resolve today, and we are so thankful for the support and care they’ve shown each other under such challenging circumstances.”

Photo: Scott Rodgerson/Unsplash

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