iOS 15.4 will finally let you unlock your iPhone with a mask

iOS 15.4 will finally let you unlock your iPhone with a mask

Unlocking your iPhone is going to be easier when the iOS 15.4 update hits your device, as the upcoming update will finally allow you to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, a thing that has been extremely frustrating for iPhone users although Apple has made it convenient for those who wears an Apple Watch.

However, not all iPhones with Face ID will support this feature, according to Macrumors, this feature will only be supported on the iPhone 12 and later, that’s a rather odd decision since the array of Face ID sensors should technically be able to detect objects, however we can also assume that Apple might have taken advantage the neural processing engine and better camera sensor to make this feature work properly.

Apart from this big update, iOS 15.4 also brings Universal Control, a long anticipated feature that was announced months ago which lets you extract content to and from a Mac and iPad, there are also a handful of new emojis such as heart hands, biting lip, pregnant person and pregnant man and more, users can also now capture text on objects with their camera while in the Notes or Reminders app.

iOS 15.4 is currently still in a public beta, which you can sign up for your iOS device here, but do take note that there will still be bugs and you should always back up your data in case you want to revert it.

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