Use your favourite NFT as your Twitter Profile Picture

Use your favourite NFT as your Twitter Profile Picture

Posted by Jason Cartwright

January 21, 2022

Twitter has launched a new feature today, adding the ability for users to use their favourite NFT as their Profile Pictures.

To enable this, you need to pay for Twitter Blue subscribers (A$4.49 per month) and use Twitter on iOS (for now), via its early access Labs feature.

From celebs like Reese WitherspoonSnoop Dogg and Paris Hilton to athletes like Rob Gronkowski and even Tony Hawk, more and more people are taking the leap forward into the NFT world and using these one-of-a-kind digital assets as a way of identity and self-expression.

Twitter says that NFT Profile Pictures bring people on Twitter a new and exciting way to directly insert themselves into the conversation. Since January 1st 2021, there has been more than 255.6M Tweets relating to NFTs globally, which is growing rapidly.

The majority of Tweets about NFTs have come from the US (43M), Indonesia (39M), Philippines (21M), India (18M) and Turkey (11M). 

The @TwitterBlue account shared a fairly extensive Tweet thread with a how-to video as well as a promo video featuring NFT creators including Bobby Hundreds, Micah Johnson and many others! 

To an NFT Profile Photo, you’ll need to verify NFT ownership by directly connecting your crypto wallets to Twitter and select an NFT from their collection as their new profile picture, which will then display in a unique hexagon shape across all surfaces. 

It does look like there is a slight issue with the implementation, something we’ve reached out to Twitter for comment on and will update the post with their reply.

There’s actually a MAJOR PROBLEM with the new Twitter PFP feature.

It appears to work for ANY NFT in your collection. Not just verified collections.

That means someone can just right-click-save any NFT, mint it, and then use it as their PFP 😢

You were so close Twitter. Why 😭

— Adam Hollander (@HollanderAdam) January 20, 2022


Twitter has responded with the following statement.

We don’t want to gatekeep NFT collections that might not necessarily be verified by a certain marketplace. We wanted to give customers an easier way to see NFT details directly from someone’s profile picture and at the same time have the ability to explore the contract address more easily. In these details, people will be able to see whether a project or collection has been verified by OpenSea or another 3rd party marketplace.

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