Surface Pro 8 pre-orders in India start today

Surface Pro 8 pre-orders in India start today

Microsoft is bringing a couple of 2-in-1 Surface convertibles to India. They aren’t new – the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro 7+ were both announced last year – but this is the first time they will be available in the country.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is already going up on pre-order on select retailers, though availability is some a few weeks off as sales will start on February 15. You will be able to pick one up from Amazon and Reliance Digital.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is now available for pre-order in India

The Pro 8 starts at ₹105,000. With its 11th generation Intel Core processor (i3, i5 or i7), it can be twice as fast as the old Pro 7. It is built on the Intel Evo platform, comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and promises 16 hours of battery life.

This 13” tablet has a detachable keyboard, which also has built-in storage for the Slim Pen stylus. Some configurations have 4G LTE connectivity built-in, though these seem to be aimed at business users only.

Note that if you pre-order the Surface Pro 8 from select retailers, you will get the fancier Surface Pro Signature Keyboard (valued at ₹17,000) for free.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ also uses 11th gen Intel Core processors (i3 to i7) and promises up to 15 hours of battery life. This one comes with one USB-C and one USB-A ports. The Surface Pro 7+ for Business actually launched a year ago, now some models are becoming available to consumers as well – sales will start on February 15.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ will soon be available to consumers too

Below are the prices for the Pro 8 and Pro 7+:

ModelIntel CoreRAMStorageLTECommercial MRPConsumer MRP
Surface Pro 8 i38GB128GBINR 1,04,499
Surface Pro 8 i58GB128GBINR 1,13,699INR 1,15,999
Surface Pro 8 i58GB256GBINR 1,22,899INR 1,24,999
Surface Pro 8 i58GB512GBINR 1,41,399
Surface Pro 8 i516GB256GBINR 1,41,399
Surface Pro 8 i716GB256GBINR 1,59,799INR 1,63,999
Surface Pro 8 i716GB512GBINR 1,87,399
Surface Pro 8 i716GB1TBGBINR 2,14,999
Surface Pro 8 i732GB1TBGBINR 2,51,899
Surface Pro 8 i58GB128GBLTEINR 1,27,599
Surface Pro 8 i58GB256GBLTEINR 1,36,799
Surface Pro 8 i516GB256GBLTEINR 1,55,199
Surface Pro 8 i716GB256GBLTEINR 1,73,599
Surface Pro 7+ i38GB128GBINR 83,999INR 83,999
Surface Pro 7+ i58GB128GBINR 93,499INR 93,999
Surface Pro 7+ i58GB256GBINR 1,21,999
Surface Pro 7+ i516GB256GBINR 1,39,999
Surface Pro 7+ i716GB256GBINR 1,49,499
Surface Pro 7+ i716GB512GBINR 1,83,999
Surface Pro 7+ i716GB1TBINR 2,17,499
Surface Pro 7+ i732GB1TBINR 2,54,499
Surface Pro 7+ i58GB128GBLTEINR 1,09,499
Surface Pro 7+i58GB256GBLTEINR 1,36,499
Surface Pro 7+i516GB256GBLTEINR 1,53,999

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