How To Mark Photos & Videos As ‘View Once’ On Instagram

How To Mark Photos & Videos As ‘View Once’ On Instagram


Most of us are aware of the ‘View Once’ feature which is available on WhatsApp and Instagram as well. Sometimes you don’t want to be stored any image on your friend’s phone. In that case, the View Once feature will help you, it won’t let see any video or image more than once. For example, you’ve sent an image to your friend and they’ve checked it once. After that they cannot check for the second time, it will disappear automatically.

The ‘View Once’ feature on Instagram is quite different than WhatsApp. When you send any image or video directly from your gallery, WhatsApp allows you to mark the image or video as ‘View Once’. However, Instagram won’t allow you. Check here how the ‘View Once’ feature does work on Instagram.

Instagram ‘View Once’ Feature

As mentioned above, you cannot mark any image as View Once on Instagram if you are sending it directly from your gallery. But if you are capturing an image or video using Instagram’s camera, then you can mark that image or video as View Once before sending it to your contacts. Here’s how to do it.

How To Set View Once On Instagram

Step 1: Open your Instagram and then one chat to whom you want to send any image or video.

Step 2: Click on the camera icon and hold it to capture any video or click any image.

Step 3: You’ll see the ‘View Once’ option and click on that.

Step 4: Now, you can click on send option. There are also be two other options namely – allow replay and keep in chat. The latter allows storing the image or video on your chat.

Instagram is now one of the popular social media platforms which have introduced several new features lately. Apart from the View Once a feature, there is a feature named Vanish Mode which will automatically disappear all seen messages if you enable it. To enable the Vanish Mode, open any chat and then click on top. Now, you can see the Vanish Mode option, then click on that to vanish messages automatically.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 17: 28 [IST]

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