Foxtel iQ5 will be more widely available in the ‘near future’ for more customers

Foxtel iQ5 will be more widely available in the ‘near future’ for more customers

Posted by Jason Cartwright

January 19, 2022

Back in December last year, I reviewed Foxtel’s latest and greatest set to box, the iQ5. The device is a really compelling offering, supporting the delivery of Foxtel content via the internet as a first-class citizen for the first time.

The box also offers those with satellite dishes on their roof, to upgrade from previous generation hardware, while also including support for broadcast channels. Between the hardware (available with 1TB of storage) and the slick software experience, I expected these to get a great reaction from Foxtel customers.

Despite being in the latter stages of January 2022, many are still waiting for the opportunity to get an iQ5. If you jump on the Foxtel website and look for the iQ5, you may be puzzled as to why the IQ4 is still being promoted, a device that came out back in August 2018.

With such a great device, I was confused why the Foxtel iQ5 wasn’t being pushed heavily to new and existing owners through the website. Perhaps it was the global chip shortage, or maybe the supply chain challenges due to Covid-19, either way, they could be selling thousands of these and yet it’s still not readily available.

I reached out to Foxtel and they provided the following statement. While there’s no specific date, they do indicate the wait is almost over.

We are continuing to use a mix of iQ4 and iQ5 set top boxes for the short term. Thanks to its ability to connect via the internet, the iQ5 allows us to start moving our cable base off the network before it’s shut down mid-2023.

Many of these customers are on cable due to their inability to receive a Satellite connection and we need to ensure the majority of the new boxes are available for this customer group.

Updates to the iQ4 in the near future will allow us to start offering the iQ5 more widely to both new and existing customers.

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