DxOMark: vivo X70 Pro’s camera beats the iPhone 13

DxOMark: vivo X70 Pro’s camera beats the iPhone 13

DxOMark simply released its complete video camera evaluation of in 2015’s vivo X70 Pro, which we discovered to be amongst the very best cams in the market. DxOMark’s score lines up with this az the handset got a total rating of 131 points sharing its 12 th location with the Oppo Discover X3 Pro and the vivo X50 Pro . Remarkably enough, that puts it one location above the iPhone 13, 13 mini and 12 Pro Max.

The customers liked the precise direct exposure, lively colors, outstanding information in low-light circumstances, the correct white balance on the ultrawide cam and the efficient video stabilization. On the other hand, the evaluation findings recommend that there’s visible clipping of great information in some situations, a bit of sound in both day and night, color fringing on the ultrawide electronic camera (this is a typical problem, by the method) and the loss of focus and information in low-light video scenes.

If you wish to check out in information along with compare the handset to other phones, take a look at the complete evaluation at the source link down below.


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