Best Value CPU Battle: Core i5-12400 vs. Ryzen 5 5600X

Best Value CPU Battle: Core i5-12400 vs. Ryzen 5 5600X

In evaluating the Core i5-12400, there’s absolutely nothing on paper that informs you this might be a fantastic CPU. It’s primarily a greatly cut down 12600 K, which we have actually currently looked at. And yet, in my viewpoint, this is among the most amazing CPUs to be launched in the last couple of years.

Compared to the Core i5-12600 K, the 4 E-cores are gone, the L3 cache is lowered from 20 MB to 18 MB, the turbo clock speed has actually been unwinded by 10%, and the base power has actually been slashed from 125 watts to simply 65 watts. That does not sound so attractive … however what makes the i5-12400 so interesting is the rate

While you can anticipate to pay around $300 to the 12600 K, which is the very same cost of AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600 X, the i5-12400 is simply $210, with the F-SKU being available in at simply $180 That’s 40%less than the 5600 X, and 25%less than the rather uninviting 5600 G

In the majority of circumstances, especially video gaming, the 12400 should not be a lot slower than the 12600 K, and if that holds true it’s going to be an incredibly in-demand product by budget plan players.

What you’re getting for around $200 is a 6 P-core, 12- thread Alder Lake CPU that runs as much as 4.4 GHz with an 18 MB L3 cache and UHD 730 graphics. It ought to be even much faster than last generation’s Core i5-11600 K, which came in at $270 a year back.

Now, prior to we delve into the criteria, releases over the test system specifications. We have not done any DDR5 screening for this one as it appears like a wild-goose chase today, and likewise we understand all we require to in regards to DDR4 vs DDR5 efficiency(our huge highlighted covered 41 video games) or describe our Core i9-12900 K evaluation which checked both kinds of memory and matching motherboards.

Intel Core i9 12900 K Intel Core i7 12700 K Intel Core i5 12600 K Intel Core i5 12600 Intel Core i5 12400
MSRP $$650$450$320$223$192
Launch Date November 2021 January 2022
Cores/ Threads16/ 2412/ 2010/ 16 6/ 12
Base Frequency 2.4/ 3.4 GHz 2.7/ 3.6 GHz 2.8/ 3.7 GHz 3.3 GHz 2.5 GHz
Max Turbo 3.9/ 5.2 GHz 3.8/ 5.0 GHz 3.6/ 4.9 GHz 4.8 GHz 4.4 GHz
L3 Cache30 MB25 MB20 MB18 MB
Memory DDR5-4800/ DDR4-3200
Socket LGA 1700

For evaluating the Core i5-12400, we’re utilizing the MSI B660 M Mortar Wi-Fi DDR4 with 32 GB of dual-rank, dual-channel DDR4-3200 CL14 memory– the exact same things we utilize for all our DDR4 screening– and it’s normally faster than single-rank DDR4-3800 CL18 memory in regards to efficiency.

The K-SKU Alder Lake CPUs have actually been evaluated on the MSI Z690 Tomahawk Wi-Fi DDR4 utilizing the exact same memory and all boards were upgraded to the most recent BIOS modification. We have actually likewise upgraded the Ryzen information, utilizing the MSI X570 S Tomahawk Wi-Fi motherboard.

All video gaming information has actually been upgraded for the AM4 and LGA 1700 CPUs with Resizable BAR made it possible for. The strategy was to do the exact same with the Intel 10 th and 11 th-gen Core processors, however efficiency reversed in all circumstances with ReBAR made it possible for, so in the meantime we have actually left this PCI Express function handicapped on those platforms.

Lastly, all application and video gaming information has actually been gathered utilizing the Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card and the os of option was Windows11 That covers it, let’s dive into the outcomes …


Beginning with the Cinebench R23 multi-core outcomes, we discover that the 12400 benefits simply over 12,000 points, and when following the 65- watt specification, it was simply 3%slower. That holding true, it’s amazing to see the base-spec 12400 beating the 11600 K by an 8%margin and the 10600 K by an enormous 32%.

Possibly most excellent of all is the 9%margin it beat the 5600 X by, which does not bode especially well for AMD. When compared to the 12600 K, the 12400 was 30%slower and this is partially due to the 10?crease in frequency along with the elimination of the 4 E-cores and a 10?crease in L3 cache capability.

The single core efficiency was likewise extremely mighty, and this obviously describes how the 12400 beat the 5600 X. Here we’re taking a look at a 12%enhancement in efficiency.

Proceeding to 7-Zip, the 12400 is less remarkable though it handles to somewhat edge out the 11600 K That in itself is a great outcome. When compared to the 5600 X it was 12%slower and 13%slower than the 12600 K, though provided the distinction in rate, that stays a great outcome for the locked Core i5 part.

Regrettably, it does not fare almost also for the decompression test as the 12400 was just able to edge out the 10600 K making it slower than the 11600 K by a 12%margin and practically 30%slower than the 5600 X.

The Corona criteria sees the 12400 providing remarkable levels of efficiency, beating the 11600 K and 5600 X. Taking 117 seconds to finish the work implied it was 9?ster than the 5600 X, regardless of being 26%slower than the 12600 K.

The Core i5-12400 benefited a rating of 667 pts when running without power limitations in the Adobe Best Pro criteria which implied it had the ability to match the 8-core/16- thread 10700 K, while beating the 5600 X by 8%.

Then when power restricted to the 65 w specification, it matched the 5600 X making it 8%slower than the let loose setup.

Adobe Photoshop isn’t a core-heavy application, so both i5-12400 setups provided essentially the very same outcome. That implies no matter which method you slice it, the locked Core i5 is as effective as the Ryzen 5 5600 X. The 12600 K, on the other hand, is clocked 11%greater and as a result was 11%much faster in this test.

In After Impacts, the 12400 was just 2%quicker with the power restricts gotten rid of. That made it 7?ster than the 5600 X and 6?ster than the previous generation 11600 K.

When once again we’re consisting of Factorio in the application standards not to determine fps, however rather updates per second. This automatic criteria computes the time it requires to run 1,000 updates. This is a single-thread test which obviously relies greatly on cache efficiency.

Due to the fact that this video game just utilizes a single core greatly, the power setup does not matter, enabling the 12400 to produce a rating of 202 pts even when sticking to the 65- watt specification. That’s the very same rating you’ll get from a Zen 3 processor and just 2.5%less than the 12600 K.

When it pertains to code collection efficiency, the 12400 is a monster, finishing our test in 6070 seconds, making it 24?ster than the 5600 X and 13?ster than the 11600 K. It was just 8%slower than the 5800 X, though it was 21%slower than the 12600 K.

The last application we’re going to take a look at is Mixer, where the 12400 was simply able to edge out the 5600 X while matching the 11600 K. That’s as great as 6-core/12- thread efficiency gets in this application.

Video Gaming Criteria

Now it’s time for some video gaming standards and we’ll begin with F1 2021, utilizing the 2nd greatest quality pre-programmed at 1080 p and the Radeon 6900 XT.

The Core i5-12400 matched the 11600 K and 10700 K here, making it 9%slower than the 12900 K and 15%slower than the 5600 X. That may appear a little frustrating in the beginning, however keep in mind the 12400 costs ~30%less than the 5600 X, so this stays an excellent lead to regards to worth.

Next we have Rainbow 6 Siege, and here the 12400 was somewhat faster than the 11700 K, 10700 K, and 3700 X, making it simply 8%slower than the 12600 K. That does make it a fair bit slower than the 5600 X, to the tune of 17%, or 19%slower if we compare the 1%low figures. Still in general we’re seeing strong efficiency from the 12400 and an exceptional lead to regards to expense per frame.

The Watch Dogs Legion information is more competitive in relation to the more pricey 5600 X. The i5-12400 was less than 3%slower, which is generally the exact same level of efficiency and the exact same is likewise real when comparing to the 12600 K and 11700 K. A strong outcome for the locked Core i5 processor in this video game.

For the very first time the i5-12400 has the ability to surpass the 5600 X in video gaming. Seen in Shadow of the Burial Place Raider, and while the typical frame rate is extremely comparable, the Core i5 was 9?ster when comparing the 1%low information.

It was likewise simply 4%slower than the 12600 K and an enormous 26?ster than the previous generation 11600 K. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that performing at the 65- watt specification had little impact on efficiency.

Intel has a severe efficiency benefit in The Riftbreaker. The i5-12400 quickly beats the 5600 X providing to 26%higher efficiency, seen when taking a look at the 1%lows. It was likewise simply a couple of frames slower than the 12600 K and 13?ster than the 11600 K.

Remarkably, the 12400 was a lot slower than the 12600 K in our Hit man 3 standard, tracking by an 18%margin.

The locked Core i5 part is clocked 10%lower and packs 10%less L3 cache, so it is possible under specific conditions to be around 18%slower. Not an excellent outcome here, relative to parts like the 12600 K and 5600 X, in spite of efficiency total being strong.

Age of Empires IV is another video game where the 12400 routes the 12600 K by a relatively considerable margin, 12%for the typical frame rate and 22%for the 1%lows. That likewise implied it depended on 16%slower than the 5600 X.

When compared to previous generations, it did approximately match the 11700 K and was a fair bit quicker than the 11600 K, because sense efficiency was great.

The i5-12400 carries out far better in Far Cry 6, a minimum of when compared to the 5600 X as it depended on 10?ster, beating even the 5800 X and 11700 K.

It depended on 15%slower than the 12600 K when taking a look at the 1%lows. In general an excellent outcome here for Intel’s brand-new base design Core i5 processor.

The Horizon No Dawn outcomes aren’t that beneficial for the12400 That stated it deserves pointing out that if we were to utilize the supreme quality setting the video game is completely GPU minimal and this stabilizes CPU efficiency, seeing the 5600 X and 12400 matched, even with the 6900 XT at 1080 p. With the called down ‘prefer quality’ visual predetermined the video game ends up being more CPU restricted in our test conditions and this saw the 5600 X up to 21%quicker with the 12600 K up to 17?ster.

Last up we have Cyberpunk 2077 and this video game is primarily GPU bound, even with the a little called down quality settings that we’re utilizing here. The 12400 had the ability to push a couple of frames ahead of the 5600 X while routing the 12600 K by simply 4%.

Power Usage

The huge enhancement when compared to 11 th-gen though is the power intake. For the very same level of efficiency, the Core i5-12400 decreased overall system intake by 28%… which’s overall system power usage, not simply CPU power.

The cost savings are really huge and it positions Alder Lake approximately on par with Zen 3 for this contrast.

The 12400 is extremely cost-effective undoubtedly, utilizing ~20 watts less than the 5600 X for the very same level of efficiency in Cyberpunk. It likewise lowered overall system use while video gaming by 8%when compared to the previous generation Core i5-11600 K

10 Video Game Average

In our take a look at the 10- video game average, you can see the Core i5-12400 without power limitations and an all-in-one liquid cooler isn’t much faster than the 65- watt specification utilizing package cooler. We’re discussing less than a 2%distinction typically.

When compared to the 5600 X, the i5-12400 was on typical ~ 6%slower and 8%slower than the 12600 K. Offered the expense savings available, that makes the 12400 a remarkably bargain for players.

Intel Box Cooler: Laminar RM1

Now here’s how the consisted of RM1 box cooler deals with the Core i5-12400 when performing at the 65 watt specification. For a quick duration, the CPU will run in the PL2 mode which sees plan power hit 75 watts and here CPU temperatures peaked at 80 C, however for most of this test the bundle power was restricted to 65 watts, where the RM1 cooler had the ability to keep the CPU at simply 75 C, so this little cooler works all right at the 65 watt specification.

Throughout the Cinebench R23 tension test, the all-core frequency when in the PL1 design hovered in between 3.7 and 3.8 GHz.

If we eliminate the power restricts with the RM1 box cooler, the 12400 keeps an all-core frequency of 4 GHz– a 5-8%frequency increase there– and its temperature level peaked at 82 C, however the RM1 was significantly loud now, which is not a perfect service, though it does work.

Changing the RM1 with the Corsair iCUE H100 i Elite Capellix dropped the all-core 4 GHz operating temperature level to simply 54 C for the peak, though temperatures were frequently listed below 50 C. This is an overkill option for such a CPU. A standard $20 tower design air-cooler will work great, however because we currently had the H100 i set up in the test system, we simply opted for that.

What We Found Out

That’s how the Core i5-12400 carries out and preferably we ‘d have liked to consist of a couple of additional CPUs such as the Core i5-10400, 11400 and Ryzen 5 5600 G, however time restraints with screening more hardware for upcoming evaluations didn’t permit to upgrade all that information. After covering this up with all the charts, we had the ability to run some additional tests, so here’s a fast last minute take a look at that information: The 12400 is 17?ster than the 5600 G typically, and 14?ster than the 11400 F.

It’s intriguing to keep in mind that while the 11600 K was simply 4?ster than the 11400 usually, the 12600 K is 9?ster than the12400 Despite the fact that the 11400 and 11600 K include the very same clock frequency distinction as 12 th-gen parts, both of those chips have a 12 MB L3 cache, and we understand lots of video games are delicate to cache capability, which would discuss the margin distinction throughout generations.

Then when comparing the AMD and Intel CPUs in the video gaming standards, it’s truly going to boil down to the video games utilized, and how those video games are checked. In our fairly little sample of video games, the 5600 X took pleasure in big wins in Horizon Absolutely no Dawn, Gunman 3, Rainbow 6 Siege, Age of Empires 4, and a strong win in F1 2021, while the i5-12400 was more powerful in Far Cry 6 and The Riftbreaker.

It likewise depends upon how you evaluate these video games. Horizon Absolutely No Dawn, for instance, utilizing the supreme quality settings sees the video game ended up being completely GPU restricted and this adjusts CPU efficiency, seeing the 5600 X and 12400 matched, even with the 6900 XT at 1080 p.

In this market section, I personally prefer worth which’s due to the fact that if you’re more performance-oriented you ‘d opt for a more costly CPU such as the Core i7-12700 K or Ryzen 5 5800 X

When it concerns worth however, Intel quickly has AMD beat today. The 12400 F is currently on sale for $180, and although B660 motherboard choices are restricted in the meantime, we’re anticipating some quite terrific boards to appear at around $160

Excellent quality AMD B550 boards begin at around $140, which is a little expense conserving, however the 5600 X on an excellent budget plan B550 board will set you back around $430, while the 12400 F on a good B660 is anticipated to cost around $340 That’s a huge conserving for what will total up to a comparable video gaming experience.

If you wish to go AMD ultra-budget while sticking to 6 cores, you can snag the MSI B550 M-A Pro for $95 and set it with the 5600 G for $240, amounting to $335 which is generally what you’ll spend for the much faster and much better quality i5-12400 combination Naturally, there will be low-cost and nasty B660 boards also, so it’s possible to cut expenses even more with Alder Lake, suggesting Intel wins the spending plan construct fight no matter which method you slice it.

The Core i5-12400 F is my brand-new go-to spending plan CPU and we wish to see some good spending plan B660 boards offered quickly!

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