The weirdest tech we spotted at CES 2022

The weirdest tech we spotted at CES 2022

I believe we can all concur that a person of the very best parts of any CES is seeing all the odd, crazy, and borderline outrageous items that emerge at the program. You understand what I’m speaking about: It’s the luggage with ears, the snuggling robotics, and all the other things that makes you scratch your head and question how someone had the drive and decision to follow through with such an unusual concept. In the spirit of commemorating all the incredibly odd things that make it to the Customer Electronic Program versus all chances, we have actually rounded up a modest collection of the weirdest tech we identified this year.

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Cyrclephone 2.0

I’m quite sure there are a grand overall of 6 individuals in the world that desire a circular smart device in 2022, and the good news is a business called Dtoor addressed their prayers this year at CES. I like this thing due to the fact that it’s a marvelous affirmation of the consumerist dream: No matter how unwise or specific niche your desires may be, you can feel confident that somebody, someplace has actually established an item that’ll scratch your specific itch. What a time to be alive.

Samsung’s NFT-enabled television


I’ll take “outrageous pattern chasing” for 200, Alex! Why didn’t they call it the NFTV? Substantial missed out on chance there. If you’re gon na leap headfirst into the NFT zeitgeist and develop the low-hanging fruit of stylish tech, then a minimum of provide it the low-effort pun name it is worthy of. This isn’t brain surgery, people.

Airvida’s air cleanser earphones

Do not get me incorrect– I’m a fan of practically anything that uses 2-in-1 performance, however this is simply unusual. Even in a world where air-borne infections and year-round wildfires have actually made everybody painfully mindful of air quality, this still simply looks like an unusual mashup. It resembles a snorkel with an integrated duck call; even if you can make it does not imply you need to

Victrola’s newest portable record gamer

Seriously?! Who in their right might would in fact, unironically, take a whole-ass record gamer and a selection of records with them for on-the-go listening? This is outright lunacy. And prior to you get all “it’s more about the fond memories than benefit” on me, I ‘d likewise like to explain that by utilizing this gadget as designated and linking it to a Bluetooth speaker, you’re entirely negating the advantages of the analog audio source you’re transporting around.

If you read this, Victrola, I simply wish to state that as a happy member of the millennial hipster neighborhood and a statistically best example of your target group, I are sorry for to notify you that we’re all too hectic bidding on third-generation touchwheel iPods on Ebay to offer this thing more than a passing look.

Sengled’s heart rate keeping track of light bulb

So I absolutely get that this thing has some genuine usage cases and might possibly be valuable in particular settings, like medical facilities or helped living houses– however it’s likewise incredibly scary. The truth that a simple little light bulb can monitor my heart rate from afar, without my approval, simply makes me seem like the world is gradually ending up being an uninteresting cyberpunk dystopia, which quickly we’ll discover ourselves caught in a neo-Orwellian security hellscape of our own style.

Homeplenish’s wise TP holder

As DT’s Shubham Agarwal so eloquently put it, “wise house devices tend to verge on solutions-for-nonexistent-problems area,” and this device is certainly among them. It tracks your TP use to anticipate when you’ll go out, then orders more so that your replacement rolls get here in the nick of time and you never ever captured brief on TP. The concept is that this will remove the requirement to hoard restroom tissue, however at what expense? See above remark about being caught in a neo-Orwellian monitoring hellscape.

Amagami Ham Ham

Amagami Ham Ham is the very best type of strange. It serves definitely no useful function– which’s what’s fantastic about it. There’s no half-baked pledge that this thing will enhance your life or use some sort of suspicious psychological health advantage. The developers use no reason for its presence. It’s simply an adorable little thing that munches on your finger, which’s all it requires to be.

Now stopped talking and purchase a finger-sucking robo-plushy. You understand you wish to.

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