New ‘Valorant’ players will need to grind before they can play competitive games

New ‘Valorant’ players will need to grind before they can play competitive games

A brand-new playable character with an aggressive mobility-based set isn’t the only possibly game-changing tweak concerning Valorant with the shooter’s Episode 4 upgrade on January 11 th. As soon as the spot is live, brand-new gamers will require to reach account level 20 prior to they can queue for competitive video games Formerly, you just needed to win 10 unranked matches prior to you might participate in competitive matchmaking.

Lots of other multiplayer video games, consisting of Overwatch and Riot’s own League of Legends, use comparable limitations. They assist make sure brand-new gamers have actually had at least a long time to find out the video game prior to they delve into a high-pressure match. They likewise prevent a practice referred to as smurfing. That’s when more skilled gamers develop brand-new accounts to prevent long lines and bet less competent challengers.

” Our company believe everybody needs to take some time to find out the ins and outs of core gameplay, and have sufficient direct exposure to all the maps and representatives Valorant will toss at you prior to contending in our ranked experience,” Riot stated of the modification. The tweak will just impact brand-new accounts made from this point forward. If you just recently began playing Valorant and have at least one competitive match on your account, you will not lose gain access to.

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