How to downgrade from the December patch on your Google Pixel 6

How to downgrade from the December patch on your Google Pixel 6

Sadly, the December 2021 upgrade for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro triggered some noteworthy concerns, however you might have upgraded prior to the upgrade was pulled. Since of the signal problems and other issues, you may wish to downgrade your Pixel 6 from the December 2021 upgrade to the November 2021 spot– a minimum of till issues are fixed in the coming weeks.

You’re going to require to do a couple of things prior to you can go back to a steady previous Android 12 develop. Prior to you even start, make sure to support ALL of your information prior to even trying this. You WILL lose your gadget information, as this approach needs a FULL gadget clean, and it will be cleaned a number of times throughout this procedure.

This is simply a regrettable negative effects of the downgrade procedure, however it’s an essential one. That stated, with the December 2021 security spot triggering problems with calling and bugs that saw specific functions handicapped, a downgrade might be essential for you.

A spot in late January will be launched to repair the issues; till then, you may wish to simply go back to the November 2021 upgrade to guarantee you can utilize your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro as planned. It’s likewise crucial to keep in mind that this procedure is completely safe, and you will have the ability to pull future updates or by hand sideload without any problems.

Note: This guide is likewise customized for Windows users, suggesting that the procedure might differ for those utilizing MacOS or Linux.

  1. Download and set up Android SDK Platform-tools
  2. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking
  3. Download the most current suitable Factory Image
  4. Boot into gadget bootloader
  5. Unlock bootloader
  6. Go into the flash command
  7. Relock bootloader (optional)
  8. Restart your phone

You’ll require to utilize Android Debug Bridge to downgrade your existing Android 12 develop to an older variation. We suggest setting up the unzipped platform-tools plan on your desktop for fast gain access to when running commands. You can download the current platform-tools zip file from here

Additionally, Nexus Tools from Corbin Davenport uses an extremely basic method to make sure that you have the extremely newest variation of Platform-Tools on your Windows, Mac, or Linux device at all times. Nexus Tools has actually been composed in Dart, so it can operate on Linux, macOS, Windows, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Chrome OS. When Nexus Tools is ended up, you can run adb, fastboot, and other commands with absolutely no issues or concerns.

2. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking

First of all, guarantee that you have Designer Options made it possible for on your Pixel. You can do that by heading to your gadget Settings > About phone, now tap “Construct number” till a message validates that you have Designer choices made it possible for.

Now you require to head to Settings > System > Advanced > Designer choices (you might require to broaden a surprise menu for this). Prior to we are all set to continue, you will require to scroll down and allow ” OEM opening,” as this is important for additional actions. Now scroll somewhat even more to the ” Debugging” area and tap the ” Enable USB debugging” choice.

3. Download the Factory Image for your gadget

This is required for the Android downgrade procedure on your Pixel 6– or any Google Pixel gadget. You’ll require to download the proper Factory Image for your gadget This is basically simply a blank slate for your smart device or photo of that specific Android construct at that time. You can get it from Google’s Factory Image OTA hosting website, which includes all Factory Images for Pixel gadgets.

You will require to include this file and unzip its contents to the platform-tools folder for gain access to later.

Note: Do not draw out into an internal sub-folder, simply extract all files into the primary platform-tool folder.

4. Boot into gadget bootloader

This can be done a number of methods. The most basic method is to link your gadget to your Windows PC and open the platform-tools folder and typing “cmd” into your file supervisor address bar. This will open a Command Trigger window in the best location. Now go into the following command to begin the adb daemon:

adb reboot bootloader

Your Pixel gadget will now pack into the bootloader, which is where we’ll require to be to send out some commands.

Additionally, you can push and hold the Power button and volume down secret up until you see the Android figure resting. Now you will require to push and hold the power button and volume up button briefly prior to launching the volume up secret. Utilizing the up and down volume buttons, you can scroll to pick “go into fastboot.”

5. Open the bootloader

< img alt=" downgrade Android11" data-attachment-id="343142" data-comments-opened=" 1" data-image-caption="" data-image-meta=" " data-image-title=" unlock bootloader android" data-large-file=" unlock-bootloader-android. jpg?quality =-LRB- & strip =all & w =-LRB- " data-medium-file =" 2020/03/ unlock-bootloader-android. jpg?quality =-LRB- & strip= all & w =-LRB- " data-orig-file=" 2020/03/ unlock-bootloader-android. jpg?quality =-LRB- & strip= all" data-orig-size="3840, 1920" data-permalink=" how-to-downgrade-from-android -11- to-android-10- on-google-pixel-video/ unlock-bootloader-android/" height="1920" loading=" lazy" src=" unlock-bootloader-android. jpg?quality =-LRB- & strip= all" title=" How to downgrade from the Android11 Beta 3 to Android10 on Google Pixel[Video]- How to downgrade from Android12 to Android11 on Google Pixel[Video]- How to downgrade from the December spot on your Google Pixel 6" width="3840" >

Opening the bootloader is required for the flashing and Pixel 6 downgrade procedure, as, regrettably, you can’t flash a Factory Image and downgrade your Android variation utilizing the a little easier ADB sideloading approach. This is a quite basic procedure. When utilizing your command-line user interface, get in the following command:

fastboot flashing unlock

You will get a somewhat complicated message on your screen cautioning you that opening the bootloader might trigger gadget instability. Utilizing the physical volume secrets, pick the” Open the bootloader” alternative and verify your choice by pushing the power button. Reboot your Pixel, as this procedure will clean your smart device.

We will likewise require to avoid the gadget start-up procedure to re-enable USB Debugging in preparation for the next action. As soon as you have actually done so, guarantee your Pixel is linked to your PC, and you’ll require to go into the bootloader on your gadget with the following command once again:

adb reboot bootloader

6. Go into the flash command

With all of your Factory Image files drawn out into the platform-tools folder and available, you can now run the following command( with your open Command Prompt/PowerShell window):


Your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro will now start the procedure of downgrading from the December2021 upgrade to an older construct, which will take a couple of minutes. Leave the Command Trigger window open, and when the procedure has actually ended up, you will see a conclusion message.

7. Relock the bootloader( optional)

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This is an optional action as part of the Pixel 6 downgrade procedure however is required if you wish to get future OTA updates. Otherwise, you’ll see a pop-up splash screen with a caution each time you reboot your gadget.

You will require to go through the gadget setup procedure once again, which you can avoid wholesale. From here, return and re-enable USB debugging from action No 2– your bootloader is opened so OEM opening ought to be grayed out.

Plug your gadget back into your Windows PC and open your platform-tools folder and resume a Command Trigger window utilizing the “cmd.” Go into the following command to rapidly pack into your gadget bootloader:

adb reboot bootloader


Now we can re-lock the bootloader by getting in the following:


fastboot flashing lock



On your Pixel, utilizing the volume secrets, scroll to the “lock the bootloader” choice and tap the power button to accept. When validated “locked” will appear on screen within the bootloader menu. Note : This procedure will clean your gadget a more time once you reboot your Pixel.

8. Restart your phone


You can now detach your gadget and reboot as you have actually effectively reduced from the troublesome December 2021upgrade on your Pixel 6 to an older variation. It must now pack into the gadget setup procedure, enabling you to register and enjoy your steady Android develop.

When the January spot gets here, you will have the ability tosideload the OTA file by hand or await the upgrade to head to Settings > System > System updates and look for the upgrade bundle. For those intending to follow this downgrade approach utilizing the Pixel Repair work Tool, if you have the December2021 upgrade set up on your Pixel 6 you will need to follow the actions above.

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