Twitter testing video reaction feature with select iOS users

Twitter testing video reaction feature with select iOS users

Twitter is checking a brand-new method for users to share their ideas on the app.

The social networks business revealed it’s checking a “quote tweet with response function” with some iOS users.

This permits users to retweet with a video response instead of text. Users just need to tap the retweet icon to expose the brand-new function. A picture or video can be included and will appear behind the tweet when released.

The business is taking hints from TikTok and Instagram, as both apps have comparable tools for tape-recording responses. This appears to be the brand-new standard now, as TikTok likewise just recently revealed it was checking a brand-new repost function, which shares resemblances to Twitter’s retweet function.

it’s wild how you’re essentially turning the ios app particularly into an entirely different thing

— eevee (@eevee) January 6, 2022

The statement came through a series of tweets on the business’s assistance account, leading some to question why this was just readily available on iOS. One user felt the iOS app was being altered to “an entirely different thing.”

It’s unclear if screening will open to Android users.

Source: Twitter Via: iPhone in Canada

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