Rebecca Ferguson: Dune isn’t sci-fi

Rebecca Ferguson: Dune isn’t sci-fi

Rebecca Ferguson does not see ‘Dune’ as a sci-fi film.

The 38- year-old starlet plays Jessica in the long-awaited hit and she confessed part of its appeal was that its “supernatural” components still struck home with incidents in the real life.

She informed the brand-new concern of Radio Times publication: “I didn’t see it as a sci-fi movie … I believe that is why I like it.

” I like that the spice [a drug in the film] and the supernatural entities– the sandworms, the superpowers– have a resonance with other things that we can compare to society today.

” For instance, you can compare the sandworms to some political celebrations and programs, take it where you desire it.

” I believe that’s what I fell for. It’s the character dramas, it’s the feeling within. You have this scope, this scale, this set, the environment, area. There’s a lot at stake.”

Rebecca confessed shooting the desert series was difficult due to the fact that they just had a restricted window for shooting due to the severe heat of the day.

She stated: “We might just movie in between 4am and 6am, and 7pm and 8pm in Abu Dhabi due to the fact that it was almost 50 degrees in the desert.”

Their environments had a humbling result on the cast.

She included: “I believe everyone had this sensation of how little and worthless we remain in the grand plan of things. You remain in a desert that will eliminate you. You can’t fight that, you can’t win versus that, you can’t empower that. You simply need to adjust to it.

” And as a human being I simply enjoy adjusting to things I can’t manage.”

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