OWC Atlas Pro flash storage solutions try to keep up with 8K trends

OWC Atlas Pro flash storage solutions try to keep up with 8K trends

television makers and material publishers have actually been attempting to press 8K screens and videos to the marketplace although 4K isn’t yet the de-facto requirement. While there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with setting your sights on greater things, aggressive and quick marketing has actually left some material developers having a hard time to capture up. While there is devices that permits even beginners to catch pictures and videos in marvelous 8K resolutions, the traffic jam comes when it’s time to move those over to computer systems for the last touches. That’s where this brand-new series of sd card and card reader items can be found in, providing the speeds required to keep the innovative juices streaming.

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Cameras and taping gadgets that record in 8K need information storage that can stay up to date with the quick writing of information. Ordinary flash memory cards do not constantly fulfill the specification, resulting in lost frames. They likewise require to be able to move information rapidly to computer systems regardless of having big file sizes in order to reduce the downtime that might moisten performance.


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OWCis introducing its brand-new Atlas Pro series precisely for that function, accommodating developers that intend high with 8K material.
The Atlas S Pro SD cards, for instance, market 276 MB/s compose and290MB/s check out speeds for catching and moving big 8K files rapidly. It works with lots of video cameras that support the UHS-II requirement however is likewise backward-compatible with UHS-I hardware, however without the optimum speed advantages.

Lots of expert cams, nevertheless, utilize quicker CFexpress cards, which is where the Atlas Pro and Atlas Pro Ultra been available in. Boasting approximately1400 MB/s speeds, these Type B cards use the fastest path from an electronic camera to a computer system( conserve for a direct cable television connection, naturally). Backward-compatible with XQD devices, OWC’s CFexpress cards likewise guarantee rugged efficiency under severe conditions.

Getting those files out of CFexpress cards, nevertheless, can be an obstacle if your computer system does not have a slot to read them. In line with its brand-new 8K line of product, OWC is likewise introducing the Atlas FXR card reader. Not that much bigger than a charge card, the reader permits developers to take their work anywhere with them, and its Thunderbolt connection ensures that it will not be the traffic jam in this brand-new 8K workflow.

At the minute, just the OWC Atlas S Pro SD UHS-II V90 cards are offered for purchase, beginning at $49 and offered in capabilities of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The OWC Atlas Pro and Pro Ultra CFexpress cards will not be offered till the 2nd quarter of the year, in addition to the OWC Atlas FXR to check out these cards.

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