Nike accuses Lululemon’s smart workout Mirror of patent infringement

Nike accuses Lululemon’s smart workout Mirror of patent infringement

This is a little strange, even by minor business claim requirements

Nike is taking Lululemon to court over the later business’s Mirror house exercise platform.

Nike states that in 1983, it created and submitted a patent for a gadget efficient in identifying a runner’s speed, range took a trip, the time elapsed and calories lost. It’s utilizing this specific patent and other patents, plus the business’s existing mobile apps, as premises for violation, according to CNBC

Considering That the Lululemon Mirror is, well, a mirror, it does not track running-related statistics, which has actually been Nike’s specific niche in the physical fitness area for several years. My guess is that maybe the sports giant is thinking about entering the ‘smart-mirror-home-workout-space,’ so it’s attempting to stop Lululemon prior to it takes control of the most likely little market.

In the CNBC report, Lululemon stated “The patents in concern are extremely broad and void. We are positive in our position and eagerly anticipate protecting it in court.”

I have actually been hands-on with the Mirror (remain tuned for my impressions), and it feels more similar to reproducing the house exercise programs business like Peleton and Tier deal, however with a mirror rather of a stationary bicycle or a treadmill. Given that Nike does not truly run in this area, this suit appears lost in a sense.

Lululemon likewise purchased Mirror in 2020, so if Nike wished to, it might have acquired the start-up itself.

Source: CNBC

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