Hyundai Motor pictures an interactive and partly virtual future it calls “metamobility,” in which a range of robotic gadgets connect with human beings to supply a wide variety of movement services, from automated individual transportation to push-button control of robotics in factories.

Hyundai executives, led by President Euisun Chung, elaborated on the vision throughout an interview at the yearly Customer Electronic devices Program in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Buzzwords aside, Hyundai prepares to take advantage of its growing proficiency in robotics and expert system to develop a future movement network that links people in the real life with things and jobs in the virtual world.

The idea is connected to the so-called metaverse, a term created 30 years back by author Neal Stephenson, however which just recently got attention when social networks business Facebook altered its name to Meta Platforms Inc.

It describes shared virtual environments. world that individuals can access through the Web which they can utilize virtual truth or increased truth. Hyundai used numerous examples of how it might link the metaverse and the real life:

— A lorry that can be changed into a work area or a home entertainment space that consists of a 3D computer game platform.

— A “clever” factory where people outside the plant from another location control robotics that communicate with devices and items inside the plant.

— Automated individual transport gadgets for individuals with specials needs or people who wish to preserve social ranges while taking a trip.

To make all this work, the car manufacturer stated it was constructing a Movement of Things ecosystem that will connect modular robotic platforms to carry out various movement services.

One module called Plug & Drive or PnD is a single-wheel robotics platform that integrates smart steering, braking and suspension with in-wheel electrical drive, video cameras and lidar sensing units for automatic operation.

For bigger logistics jobs and other movement services, Hyundai can bundle 4 PnD modules, consisting of one application that couple with a robotic canine called– what else?– Area.

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