Google infringed Sonos’ patents, US court rules

Google infringed Sonos’ patents, US court rules

2022 is off to a rough start for Google. Simply a day after the search giant was struck with a EUR150 million fine by the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty, the Alphabet subsidiary lost an essential court judgment on its house grass which might restrict it from importing its wise house speakers, video streaming gadgets, some laptop computers and Pixel phones if it does not use workarounds.

The United States International Trade Commission ruled on Thursday that Google broke 5 audio innovation patents held by Sonos. The legal fight go back to February 2020 with Sonos implicating Google of utilizing trademarked tech handling managing clever speaker gadgets through a linked phone’s physical volume buttons. The other patents which were likewise infringed consist of integrating numerous gadgets over a shared network and establishing a playback gadget for interaction over the network.

Google Nest Center

Sonos agents shared an initial list of impacted Google gadgets (by means of TheVerge) that includes Pixel 3 and 4 series phones, Nest Center and Nest Mini house speakers, Chromecast sticks and the PixelBook Go laptop computer. Google has a 60 day duration to carry out modifications to its afflicted items prior to the restriction enters location. The Mountain View-based tech giant has actually currently executed workarounds such as having a software application volume slider for managing linked clever speakers and Chromecast gadgets in Android 12.

Google Pixel 4

The case is likewise based on a governmental evaluation and the judgment defines that impacted Google gadgets would be exempt from import restrictions if Google uses workarounds as it made with its software application volume controls.


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