Intel reveals 12th Gen desktop CPU that can hit 5.5GHz

Intel reveals 12th Gen desktop CPU that can hit 5.5GHz

Intel followed up its earlier CES 2022 CPU statement by exposing a desktop processor efficient in increasing to 5.5 GHz on a single core out-of-the-box.

After formerly teasing the CPU, Intel has actually formally revealed the 12 th Gen Core i9-12900 KS (as Tom’s Hardware notes, the’S’ most likely suggests the chip will be a minimal edition, which might make it tough to discover). The capability to strike 5.5 GHz on a single core marks an approximately 300 MHz enhancement over what Intel attained on the i9-12900 K.

Even More, The Brink states that an on-stage presentation from Intel revealed the 12900 KS performing at a continual 5.2 GHz throughout all efficiency cores while running Hit Man 3 While definitely excellent, Intel didn’t share information on the chip’s power draw or what cooling service was utilized.

When It Comes To when you’ll have the ability to purchase the i9-12900 KS, well, most likely not anytime quickly. Intel’s executive vice president Gregory Bryant stated that the CPU would deliver to “OEM consumers” throughout the discussion. That recommends the chip will be readily available in pre-built computer systems to begin– it’s unclear if or when Intel will offer the CPU straight to clients who wish to develop their own PCs.

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Source: The Brink, Tom’s Hardware

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