Intel announces 5.5GHz Core i9-12900KS CPU

Intel announces 5.5GHz Core i9-12900KS CPU

At CES 2022, Intel exposed its teased 12 th Generation, restricted edition CPU that can improve among its cores as much as 5.5 GHz. It’s going to become part of the so-called KS series and its real name is Core i9-12900 KS.

Throughout the statement, Intel showcased a demonstration of a setup running Gunman 3 and the CPU kept a strong 5.2 GHz clock speed on all of its 8 efficiency cores. Naturally, similar to the basic Core i9-12900 K, this one likewise has a set of 8 power-efficient E-cores. No extra information relating to temperature levels or power draw was offered.

At First, the CPU will be offered to OEMs just and in the future will be readily available for purchase by the end users. No particular amount of time were offered either.


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