ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Monitor Review: Must Buy To Boost Productivity

ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Monitor Review: Must Buy To Boost Productivity


In the work from house age, one screen may often be inadequate. For some jobs, the extra screen may lead to fantastic levels of performance. Resolving this concern, the ViewSonic TD1655 portable screen has actually been gone for an inexpensive rate indicate include extra screen area to your workstation.


  • Company and tough kickstand to utilize in several angles
  • Soft and protective cover for the screen
  • Joystick is practical
  • Great touchscreen screen with stylus assistance


  • No battery to utilize without power
  • Speakers might have been enhanced
  • Does not have native assistance to Mac

The ViewSonic TD1655 is priced at Rs. 23,999 It is a portable display that can be brought anywhere you go as a laptop computer or tablet. It has actually been developed for remote employees, mobile experts and others who require extensive screen area when they run out the work space. It supports mobile phones, tablets, video gaming devices and laptop computers (both Windows and Mac).

The bundle consists of a 15.6- inch touch screen with a FHD resolution, an inbuilt kickstand, and a stylus. It can be brought in your knapsack or laptop computer bag in addition to the main gadget. There are sufficient connection alternatives that make it the best efficiency option you are keeping an eye out for. Let’s take an in-depth take a look at the evaluation of the ViewSonic TD1655 here.

ViewSonic TD1655: Lightweight Style

The ViewSonic TD1655 portable display is practically on par with a 15- inch laptop computer. It determines 355.6 x 232.5 x 15.24 mm in measurements and weighs under 1 kg. The screen is light-weight and you can purchase it if you can bring the extra device in your bag. Its chassis is made from plastics and the collapsible kickstand is made from metal. It is an outstanding addition as not all portable displays consist of one. The kickstand of the ViewSonic TD1655 offers it a 45- degree variety of movement, which lets you set the screen at any favored angle as you utilize it.

The fascinating element is the addition of the soft, folding cover that safeguards the display screen while it is not in usage. The cover has a magnetic edge that snaps onto the metal stand at the back. There is a five-way joystick at the ideal bottom edge of its rear panel. This little joystick likewise functions as the power button and assists in browsing through the on-screen settings menu. The menu on the screen is instinctive and can be mastered in no time. You can change the settings to match your choices rapidly.

Proceeding to the ideal edge of the ViewSonic TD1655 screen, you can see a variety of ports consisting of 2 USB Type-C ports, an earphone jack and a tiny HDMI port. These ports let you link the display to input sources such as smart devices, laptop computers and video gaming consoles.

I utilized the gadget with my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, OnePlus 7, and HP laptop computer. It stopped working to work with 2 of my other smart devices and it continuously showed that it might not discover the input source. The USB Type-C ports support up to 60 W power and likewise charge the gadget linked to it.

At the back, there are stereo speakers however I utilized the paired soundbar (through Bluetooth) on my smart device for the sound output. The earphone jack is likewise a substantial addition.

ViewSonic TD1655: Show And Efficiency

The front of the ViewSonic TD1655 display is controlled by the 15.6- inch FHD screen. It is fairly larger than the 13- inch laptop computer screens and can be helpful while utilizing numerous apps or windows all at once. The element ratio of 16:9 is a normal one for any modern-day screen. ViewSonic has actually utilized an IPS LCD and it boasts large seeing angles of 178 degrees.

Throughout the evaluation, the display screen was brilliant enough even when seen at severe angles. Based on the business, the screen can provide an optimum brightness of 250 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,00 0:1. It is not on par with the brightness of the laptop computer I utilized, it might have been a bit brighter.

When it concerns the efficiency of the screen, it does not show precise colors and it was difficult to identify the distinctions in between blue and purples when holding the portable screen together with my laptop computer or PS4 Pro. If you are an innovative expert dealing with photography, videography, or website design, then you may not feel pleased with it. If you work on spreadsheets or files mainly, then the color precision ought to not be a problem.

ViewSonic TD1655: Should You Purchase?

Undoubtedly, broadening the screen area will enhance performance. With a 2nd display screen, you can absolutely enhance your performance. While screens have actually been around for rather a long time. The display is light and thin, it can quickly suit your bag and you can get a versatile kickstand and a big screen with broad seeing angles. I like the little joystick at the back that makes navigation a breeze.

Considered That the ViewSonic TD1655 display priced at Rs. 23,999 is an excellent offering for those who wish to extend their workstation property for multitasking and increased levels of performance.

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