Top 10 Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcasts of 2021

Top 10 Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcasts of 2021

The Computer System Weekly Downtime Upload podcast group started the year talking about the online fallout from the storming of the White Home and completed it discussing IT and environment modification, discussing bees and datacentres along the method


Released: 31 Dec 2021 9: 00

The Computer System Weekly Downtime Upload podcast group of Caroline Donnelly, Clare McDonald and Brian McKenna began the year discussing the online shenanigans surrounding the Trumpian insurrection versus the Capitol in Washington on 6 January.

Costs Goodwin likewise took the group, in a podcast in February, much deeper into United States and US-centric political conspiracy theories, and Karl Flinders appeared on the podcast to discuss the Post Workplace scandal

Back in April, Sebastian Klovig Skelton associated employee resistance in the gig economy, the summer season saw a mild discourse on bees and datacentres from Caroline, and the fall conference season discovered Clare discussing the leading females in UK tech

In between those episodes, and another which included Beyoncé’s stand versus information analytics excesses in the music market, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, put in a look on the podcast, albeit at an eliminate, talked to on-stage by Bryan Glick, Computer system Weekly’s editor-in-chief. Puffins, counted by expert system throughout their breeding season, likewise figured.

The podcast “power trio” of Caroline, Clare and Brian mainly talked throughout the year about their own locations of protection: respectively, cloud, datacentres and IR35; variety, abilities and retail; and information analytics and company applications.

They, and other employee, talked in a more individual vein about their experiences of the continuous Covid-19 pandemic and its privations and settlements, as they performed in 2020 This time around, we became aware of Karl’s running exploits and Alex Scroxton’s anticipations of post-lockdown sees to the theatre, along with precursors of Christmas, consisting of crafting and the scary delights of Halloween

The group closed the year out, over 2 episodes, with reflections on IT and the environment emergency situation, in the light of POLICE26 in Glasgow

1. Parler vs AWS, digital education, ambulance information

Caroline Donnelly, Clare McDonald and Brian McKenna go over the purgation of Parler, the injuries of digital education and the South Central Ambulance Service’s usage of information to support their operations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

2. Disinformation and the United States DNC e-mails leakage debate

The group are signed up with by Computer system Weekly’s Examinations editor Expense Goodwin to go over the function of disinformation in the 2016 Democratic National Committee e-mails leakage

3. Post Workplace Horizon and the subpostmasters’ justice battle

Karl Flinders signs up with Caroline Donnelly, Clare McDonald, and Brian McKenna to talk about the Post Workplace Horizon system that brought havoc to the lives of subpostmasters

4. Uber motorists’ resistance and the gig economy

Caroline Donnelly and Brian McKenna are signed up with by Sebastian Klovig Skelton to talk about the legal project by Uber motorists for the right to be identified as employees

5. CyberUK, bees and datacentres, Red Cross digital mapping

Caroline Donnelly and Brian McKenna are signed up with by Alex Scroxton, Computer system Weekly’s security editor, to go over CyberUK, bees and datacentres, and the British Red Cross’ usage of digital mapping to fight Covid-19

6. Computing tests, AI, water and datacentres

Clare McDonald, Brian McKenna and Caroline Donnelly go over A-level and GCSE computing outcomes, AI appropriacy and datacentre water usage

7. Chancellor Rishi Sunak listens to UK tech

Computer system Weekly editorial director Bryan Glick signs up with the podcast group to talk about his interview with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, at a Treasury Link conference.

8. Leading ladies in UK tech, AI on puffin island

In this episode, the group talks about Computer system Weekly’s yearly program to select the most prominent females in UK tech, in addition to Newham Triggers, and puffin-counting AI

9. POLICE OFFICER26: IT and environment modification

Clare McDonald and Brian McKenna are signed up with by Ryan Priest to go over IT’s function in combating environment modification, in addition to YouTube’s short-term expulsion of Novara Media from its platform

10 POLICE OFFICER26 reflections, tech sector responds to Sunak on abilities

Caroline Donnelly, Clare McDonald and Brian McKenna assess datacentres and environment modification, the tech sector’s response to federal government IT abilities financial investment, and the Post Workplace scandal

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