How to Send Messages That Automatically Disappear

How to Send Messages That Automatically Disappear

Numerous secret and spy films are based upon the property that you can send out messages that self-destruct, however you do not require to be a global secret representative to do the exact same with your own texts.

In truth, most popular chat apps now consist of some sort of vanishing message function– which indicates that if you do not desire a long-term record of your discussion, you do not need to have one. encrypted messaging app Signal made its vanishing message function the default

While it comes in handy to have chat archives to review for nostalgic and useful factors (dishes, addresses, directions, and more), there are other times you ‘d rather absolutely nothing was conserved. Here’s what to do.

There is a caution here for all of these apps, because individuals you’re interacting with can take screenshots of what you have actually stated– or, if screenshots are obstructed, they can take an image of the screen with another gadget. A few of them assure to alert you if your messages have actually been screenshotted or downloaded, however there’s constantly a workaround. That’s something to keep in mind when picking who to talk with and just how much to share.

Update, December 2021: We have actually upgraded directions for Signal, Snapchat, and Messenger (previously Facebook Messenger.)


The vanishing messages include in Signal is an alternative for every single discussion you have, and now it’s readily available by default or by a private discussion: You can change in between vanishing messages and irreversible messages at any time in any thread. To do this, tap the leading banner in any thread, then choice Vanishing messages

You can select anywhere from one 2nd to 4 weeks for your messages to remain after they have actually been seen (or pick Off to disable the function). You can even set a custom-made timer– you might inform a message to be entered 60 seconds. An alert appears in the chat whenever you have actually altered this setting, and anything you send out after that follows the guidelines you have actually set.

To set a default expiration time for messages in all your chats, open the primary app settings page and select Personal Privacy and Default timer for brand-new chats(under Vanishing messages). This uses to every chat you start after that, not to the existing discussions on your phone.


WhatsApp’s vanishing messages just deal with images and videos instead of text, in the meantime. The recipient has 14 days to see whatever it is you have actually sent them, and it disappears as quickly as it’s seen.

From inside WhatsApp, open the discussion you wish to send out the image or video to, tap the video camera icon at the bottom, then catch your material. You’ll see a little icon revealing a 1 in a circle, beside the send out icon– tap this to make your message a vanishing image or video.

You can consist of a caption with the picture or clip, which vanishes in addition to it. As soon as you have actually sent out whatever it is, you will not see it from your end: You’ll just see an Image or Video entry in the discussion thread, with the little 1 icon beside it. The text will alter to Opened once it’s been seen.


Snapchat didn’t create vanishing messages, however it definitely assisted promote them. Gain access to the chat tab by clicking the 2nd icon from the left along the bottom of the screen. From your primary discussion list screen, you can tap any contact to begin a discussion, or tap the make up icon (bottom right) if the individual you wish to speak with isn’t on screen.

Anything in the thread, consisting of text and images, will disappear when it’s been seen. Either celebration in a one-to-one discussion can pick to conserve something completely by pushing and hanging on it– however you’ll have the ability to see if this occurs since it will remain onscreen.

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