Going round in circles with Windows in Singapore

Going round in circles with Windows in Singapore

12 BoC Some mistakes are detailed. Some mistakes are deceiving. And some mistakes … well, your guess is as excellent as ours. Invite to another entry in our 12 Borks of Christmas.

We venture abroad for today’s example of ill signs, which has actually seen much better days and is severely in requirement of an os upgrade.

” Another exceptionally detailed mistake from our good friends in Redmond,” said the Register reader who was waiting on a train to the Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library.

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We’re uncertain what has actually failed here. There is no text noticeable on either the dialog nor even the button. It is all quite ghost in the maker or a bork in package.

And this is an extremely, older variation of Windows. The Start button mean possibly the Traditional shell, or possibly a variation of Windows CE. There might quickly be some XP shenanigans occurring, and the system tray is a genuine rogues gallery, from the unavoidable McAfee icon to something connecting to SQL Server.

Even dear old Physician Watson has actually paid a check out with his debugger. 5 times, by the appearances of things, suggesting something should be awfully incorrect.

When it comes to the next train, it seems headed to HarbourFront on the Circle line of Singapore’s Mass Quick Transit network. HarbourFront is a terminus for both the North East and Circle lines. It opened in 2003 however it appears the software application running behind the screens of the Circle line has actually not stayed up to date with advancements.

Usually we ‘d state that was no bad thing. If it isn’t broken then there is no requirement to repair it. In this circumstances, things appear really damaged. ®

A little ditty we are calling: The 12 Borks of Christmas ’21

♬ On the 8th day of Borkmas, the bork gods sent out to me:

You require an OS upgrade;-LRB- .

devastating failure;-LRB- .

IKEA’s not upgrading;-LRB- .

some … dripping … memoryyyyyy … ♬;-LRB- .

lively scripting stuffup;-LRB- .

plea for a battery;-LRB- .

attractive Paint task;-LRB- .

and a Note pad where nary one must be

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