Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Was the Story I Needed to End 2021 On

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Was the Story I Needed to End 2021 On

Hop gently and bring a huge scythe.
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I have actually invested, I would state, an upsetting quantity of the last month with my eyes streaming tears– not for work commitments, individual factors, or perhaps actually “< a data-ga= "[["Embedded Url","Internal link","",{"metric25":1}]] href=" from-2021- 1848285665" > still because International Pandemic ” factors. I have actually been doing it for enjoyable, as I have actually worked my method through Last Dream XIV: Endwalker, and the factors it’s struck me so acutely have actually made it a story well worth ending another hugely difficult year on

Endwalker is the current growth for the born-again MMORPG Last Dream XIV, a video game so popular today you actually can not purchase it , as publisher Square-Enix frantically wishes to have less individuals congesting login lines as gamers also frantically wish to work their method through the occasions of the seriously well-known video game’s long and winding story. Endwalker in specific has actually been billed by its developers as the climax of a story 8 years in the making. Your character, the worthy Warrior of Light, works to stop a long-prophecized armageddon called the Last Days, and Endwalker looks for to conclude plot threads, character arcs, and secrets that have actually been linked in XIV‘s large, continuous story considering that it was conserved from shutdown and restarted in 2013 as A World Reborn It’s all there: stunning bad guy twists, brave stands versus particular doom, huge tradition exposes, battles versus gods, more gods, and a couple of more gods for excellent step, a tale that extends throughout eons of time, generations of civilization, and into the really stars of deep space beyond the world your heroes have actually called house for the very best part of the years. Endwalker is the grandest of grand endings, a scale unlike anything XIV has actually thought about previously. It’s likewise extremely emotional, and best for the endless minute we have actually discovered ourselves in the previous couple of years.

Endwalker may sometimes have to do with that most precious of all Japanese RPG tropes, battling god and defying fate. Its easiest of facts is that, eventually, below all its worldbuilding and its bow-tying on old plot threads, it’s about hope, and combating versus relatively unstoppable anguish. Rather actually, the climactic dispute of the video game has to do with you and 7 of your closest friends/random individuals you mark time with in the group finder battering a living personification of the idea of nihilism.

Screenshot: Square-Enix

Let’s take an action back from that especially strange, however cathartic edge, and discuss. About midway through Endwalker‘s story, you find the real source of the Last Days– a calamity that, eons ahead of time, laid low the precursor human civilization that called XIV‘s world Etheirys house, and saw it sundered into 14 various fragments of itself in an effort to stop it ever occurring once again (spoilers: oops it begins occurring once again, and it’s partly your fault? Do not stress over it). The calamity is embodied by a compassionate hive-mind called Meteion, produced by among that ancient civilization’s most effective mage-scientists, who was set out into the universe beyond Etheirys to look for life on other worlds, and address the basic concern presumed by her master: what function have those civilizations discovered in living?

The response Meteion discovers breaks her and her psychologically linked sibling bodies. Each various physical element of Meteion’s kind sent into the stars, it ends up, discovered worlds either lost to destroy or in the procedure of tearing themselves apart– each of their civilizations wrecked with misery as their own developments in efforts to develop a utopian society, ones purged of suffering, eventually damned them. Her compassionate capabilities overwhelmed with the unhappiness of unknown ending civilizations, Meteion ends up being changed into a dark variation of herself, drowning in a nihilistic belief that the only method to end suffering is to end the extremely presence of all life– threatening you and your enjoyed ones on Etheirys with a returned armageddon, one that sees skies blaze red with meteors, individuals overwhelmed by their own despairs to be changed into terrible, chaos-wreaking monsters, and basic havoc. It’s not perfect to state the least.

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Endwalker‘s story is not an especially initial riff on apocalyptic fiction, undoubtedly. Yes, it rather delicately constructs on hooks and worldbuilding obstructs laid over Last Dream XIV‘s history– even ones left deserted when its at first distressed release was restarted as A World Reborn— and brings into play its precious, long-running cast of supporting stars in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to bring some touching minutes of character work that settle arcs that have actually been unfolding throughout years of numerous growths at this moment. At its core it’s rather basic: you’re faced with the end of the world, and you go and stop it. It’s what takes place along the method that makes Endwalker such a heartstring-plucking, mentally cathartic experience. The Warrior of Light’s location in XIV‘s story is both as a vessel for the gamer to inscribe themselves on, however likewise as a beacon of wish for individuals around them. No matter the chances, no matter the losses, no matter the darkness swirling around your experiences, time and time once again you have actually waited your pals, unified allies, and brought peace and justice to the world.

Endwalker tosses the metaphorical cooking area sink at you throughout its catastrophic tale, threatens numerous times to have actually shown that even your honorable hero has their limitations, and time and time you rather stand firm and continue, with both a superheroic sense of strength and the love and assistance of whole countries’ worth of supporting characters at your back. You get torn down, spiritually or physically, and you increase once again to the celebration, no matter your own anguish, no matter the number of difficult stress and anxieties you concern. When it comes to the last fight, to deal with the host of Meteions– to encourage them, by your words, your strength, and the actual prayers of pals at your side, that there is a factor in having suffering along the course of life to stress its delights and accomplishments– you provide a blow to the bleak idea of nihilistic anguish itself, preventing theFinal Days to stand happy as an intense light of hope in a sea of darkness. It may simply be a huge raid battle in an online computer game, however after hours of psychological wringer after psychological wringer, I could not assist however break down as I finished it just recently and Endwalker‘s story made its last drape calls– it was an unexpected cathartic release of feelings that its story had actually kept consistently giving my surface area.

Screenshot: Square-Enix

That catharsis is certainly likewise notified by the world in which Endwalker has actually launched in. FFXIV, thus numerous things the previous couple of years, has actually been struck by the covid-19 pandemic. Patches of story material in between growths in the in 2015 saw a postponed release schedule, and even Endwalker itself came out a couple weeks behind prepared. Even the continuous problems about server overload have a root in the pandemic beyond the truth that XIV has actually ended up being majorly popular as individuals remain at house and try to find huge, long-lasting video games to dive into– manufacturer Naoki Yoshida has apologised openly (and a lot) numerous times that prepared server growths have actually been obstructed by both supply scarcities and the pandemic suppressing in-person work. There’s likewise the psychological toll it’s taken on us all, as we come up on almost 2 years of attempting to battle with a basic sea-change in the method we live. The year 2021 has actually been rough for a great deal of individuals, myself consisted of– in specific the last couple of months. Getting away into fiction from the tensions of the real life is absolutely nothing brand-new (we have actually all been doing it recently!), however something about Endwalker‘s story of hope in the face of frustrating sorrow– and questioning if all the suffering is actually worth it– struck especially near house with the existing state of our own world. A tale of catastrophic challenge, and neighborhoods and countries rising together to face it. A tale of individuals acknowledging that challenge using them down, however sustaining and getting rid of all that discomfort, loss, and scary to come out the opposite of it with a sense of togetherness.

Trials and adversities in a computer game are seldom, if ever, going to match trials and adversities in the real life. Endwalker offering me the easy release to actually look misery itself in the eye and slash it to pieces with a scythe the size of my Warrior of Light’s whole body was a welcome fantastical tool in fighting the tensions of the genuine world– every bit the fitting conclusion to the present story of FFXIV, and every bit the fitting conclusion to 2021.

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