Count Down the End of 2021 With the Toys You’ll Want in 2022

Count Down the End of 2021 With the Toys You’ll Want in 2022

Image: Kaiyodo, Hot Toys, and Guard

Invite back to Toy Aisle, io9’s routine assemble of all the cool toys we have actually discovered on the web recently. Today we’re eagerly anticipating 2022, mainly due to the fact that there’s just a couple of more hours of 2021 left, making it really hard to launch brand-new toys this year. Have a look at what’s to come!

Hot Toys Marvel’s Eternals Thena Sixth-Scale Figure

Thena, Angelina Jolie’s memory-addled warrior of war from Eternals, is signing up with Hot Toys’ Marvel film lineup! Befitting her status as a master of martial weapons, the 1:6 scale figure includes a bunch of hands appropriate to hold Thena’s wonderful constructs, that includes a spear, an axe, a dagger, a long sword and brief sword, and a guard. She’s anticipated to release at some point in late 2022 or early 2023, and will cost $270 [ Hot Toys]

Image: Kaiyodo

Kaiyodo Remarkable Yamaguchi New 52 Superman

The Fantastic Yamaguchi line go back to the DC universe, this time for a more contemporary riff on Superman, bringing its overexaggerated visual to the New 52 age try to find the Guy of Tomorrow. Clark features a couple of additional devices, consisting of the typical, alternate hands for presenting and battling, in addition to 5 heads in all: 4 of them have Clark’s eyes pointing in each of the primary instructions for more vibrant posturing, while 5th has them radiant red as he prepares to spark his heat vision. No information on either the cost or release window have actually been made offered. [ Toyark]

Image: Medicom

Medicom MAFEX X-Factor Cyclops

Medicom’s line of MAFEX X-Men figures are a few of the very best X-Toys around, and while their take on the renowned ’90 s Jim Lee blue-and-yellow fit for Scott Summers has actually been out a while, now it’s time for among old Slim’s other renowned ’90 s looks: the ice-blue-and-white X-Factor fit. Aside from the make over, this Scott includes alternate hands, 3 swappable heads– one with his visor on and smiling, another with the visor on and scowling, and a 3rd without any visor and simply his traditional red specifications. As a removable cowl piece to hand around his neck, Scott has 2 various eye blast impacts pieces to connect to his visor. He’ll cost around $105, and is set to launch in October2022 [ Medicom]

Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys The Book of Boba Fett Fennec Shand Sixth-Scale Figure

The born-again Boba Fett currently has his Hot Toys figures on the method thanks to The Mandalorian, now Fennec is prepared to join him, as exposed by Hot Toys to commemorate the best of The Book of Boba Fett Fennec includes a bottle of blue alcohol to swig when she’s not utilizing either her consisted of blaster handgun, blaster rifle, or concealed tossing knife hidden in the butt of her rifle to take somebody down, along with a bag of credits and a removeable helmet. She likewise has rather an enjoyable unique function– you can retreat a strip of her upper body armor to expose the cybernetic withins she has actually after being left for dead in The Mandalorian‘s very first season. Fennec will cost $270, and is anticipated to release at some point in late 2022 or early2023 [ Hot Toys]

Image: Guard

Guard Combating Armor Black Panther

Guard’s line of Iron-Man-inspired armored Marvel heroes heads to Wakanda with its mechanical take on the Black Panther. As including a power-suit riff on T’Challa’s panther fit (and some mean claws), the 6″ figure consists of a couple of interchangeable hands, a stand to posture him jumping into the air, and even a vibranium spear if punching or clawing individuals to bits wasn’t enough for your action figure bloodlust. He’s due for release in Japan in July 2022, and is set to cost around $85 [ Toyark]

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