Absolutely stunning and hypnotic stop-motion animation using matches

Absolutely stunning and hypnotic stop-motion animation using matches

This is an exceptionally well done and hypnotic stop-motion animation by Tomohiro Okazaki including every possible play on matches. And as if the imagination wasn’t remarkable enough by itself, it repeats at 60 fps. The stop-motion video I produced my high school art class repeated at 2 frames per 2nd so 60 is simply displaying. It’s 7 and a half minutes long. At 60 frames per second. I indicate … Jesus.

I’m not overemphasizing at all when I state this is among the very best stop-motion animations I have actually ever seen. I can’t even understand the quantity of work that entered into this. It’s so great it makes me question if it’s really CGI, which is typically what individuals state when they see pictures of my face.

Keep choosing the complete video in addition to another of his stop-motion animations revealing a Rube Goldberg device of sorts.

And Okazaki’s stop-motion Rube Goldberg device:

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