Kenya: Kisite-Mpunguti Makes History As Kenya’s First Blue Park Marine Park

Kenya: Kisite-Mpunguti Makes History As Kenya’s First Blue Park Marine Park

Nairobi– The Marine Preservation Institute has actually honoured the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve with a gold level Blue Park Award for attaining the greatest science-based requirements for marine life defense and management.

It is the very first Blue Park award in Kenya which has a seaside location that supports a lot essential marine biodiversity.

Kisite-Mpunguti, handled by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), signs up with a growing network of 21 Blue Parks around the globe created to secure and regrow oceans’ biodiversity.

The Parks Warden Paul Wambi, commemorated news of the award which acts as inspiration towards a sustainable marine safeguarded location (MPA) to benefit both nature and mankind.

” We are thrilled that Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve has actually been designated a Blue Park. As Kenya Wildlife Service, we wish to thank all of our devoted personnel, regional neighborhood, and partners for making Kisite-Mpunguti a beacon of expect marine preservation,” stated Wambi.

Developed by the Kenyan federal government in 1978, Kisite-Mpunguti integrates 2 adjoining locations that surround 2 close-by islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya.

One, the Kisite Marine National Forest, is 28 km2 and the 2nd, Mpunguti Marine National Reserve, is 11 km2. Kisite is a no-take, completely secured location while Mpunguti permits artisanal and leisure fishing for regional anglers.

Both locations host snorkeling, diving, and wildlife watching.

On The Other Hand, President of Marine Preservation Institute, Dr. Lance Morgan, stated Kisite-Mpunguti is an ideal example of an essential and highly bio-diverse location to safeguard marine life while at the very same time supplying regional neighborhoods with food.

” We are thrilled to see brand-new Blue Park classifications speeding up the security of the most crucial locations in our oceans.

Present was Senior Researcher and Director of heaven Parks effort Dr. Sarah Hameed who stated, “I eagerly anticipate dealing with the Kenya Wildlife Service and its partners to share the story of this amazing brand-new Blue Park is and how well it serves its regional neighborhoods and visitors. We hope that Kisite-Mpunguti ends up being an MPA that others in East Africa are imitated as it genuinely safeguards this distinct location.”

Kisite-Mpunguti secures a variety of the area’s distinct communities: mangroves, seagrass meadows, and reef.

This varied location shelters abundant biodiversity of marine mammals, fish, seabirds, and sea turtles.

Kisite Island is acknowledged as an Essential Bird Location by Birdlife International since it offers a crucial, remote reproducing location.

Amongst the marine mammal types discovered in these waters are dugongs, whale sharks, and sperm whales – all thought about susceptible or threatened types.

5 susceptible, threatened, and seriously threatened sea turtle types likewise forage and reproduce in the park.

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