Valve shows off Steam Deck’s final packaging

Valve shows off Steam Deck’s final packaging

If you’re starving for updates on Valve’s Steam Deck, the business just recently shared pictures of its last product packaging ahead of the launch so, banquet your eyes!

As you can see, the product packaging is easy and minimalistic with each box consisting of the console, a bring case, and a power supply.

Bring case for the 64 GB and 128 GB Steam Deck

Steam Deck DV model

Valve just recently finished its Style Recognition making develop of the Steam Deck its last model so any modifications from now on would just be small ones. Aside from checking its product packaging style, the business will quickly deliver these DV models to designers for screening.

There’s no word on whether the Steam Deck will get here in Malaysia however its launch in February 2022 will most likely offer us with more details so remain tuned for that.


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