Pure adds flagship FlashArray//XL with doubled throughput

Pure adds flagship FlashArray//XL with doubled throughput

High-end enterprise-targeted FlashArray// XL leverages newest Intel Ice Lake CPU, PCIe 4.0 and disperses SLC flash throughout drive modules to double throughput over existing varieties


Released: 08 Dec 2021 14: 00

Pure Storage has actually released a flagship SAN storage selection in its high-performance main storage FlashArray household. The FlashArray// XL series enhances possible optimum capability approximately 5.5 PB– almost double existing FlashArray designs– and likewise supplies a throughput boost of almost 2x.

Secret to the efficiency boost is the adoption of Intel Ice Lake main processing systems (CPUs) and usage of PCIe 4.0 These advances attend to much-improved processing speeds with more cores, plus more PCIe lanes useable. This totals up to a throughput boost of approximately double existing FlashArray items.

Pure Storage chief innovation officer Alex McMullan stated: “This is our leading tier, ‘platinum’ offering, using storage for the highest-end, single LUN, single application usage cases or those that wish to combine numerous applications or run information warehousing.”

Optimum capabilities will be 3.53 PB for the// XL130 and 5.5 PB for the// XL170 The greatest offered with FlashArray// X90 is 3.3 PB however the XL series provides not far off double the throughput, with as much as 36 GBps (around 100 TB per hour) compared to the FlashArray// X series’s 20 GBps. Latency throughout FlashArray/X and// XL can be as low as 150 μs.

Target usage cases are really requiring mission-critical single work such as SAP HANA, where there is a requirement for very quick gain access to and for information motion in between backend storage and high-performance tiers, along with numerous application work such as VMs or databases in information warehousing circumstances.

Another advance is that the Pure exclusive DirectFlash modules that include the XL series will have dispersed much faster flash integrated in. Pure has actually done this by having part of the drives’ capability set up as SLC flash, which permits dispersed really high-performance flash capability to be spread out throughout the system. DirectMemory Cache, with Intel Optane, is likewise a choice.

Single level cell (SLC) NAND flash was the very first of the flash strong state generations. It permitted one input/output (I/O) change per physical flash cell, which offers the greatest efficiency and resilience.

Subsequent flash generations have actually relocated to several charges– and for that reason I/O– per cell, which has actually reduced efficiency to some degree however reduced expense per GB. Bulk capability on FlashArray// XL is comprised of passes away with several level cell (MLC) capability.

The updated hardware develops more heat than previous designs so type element has actually altered from 3U to 5U.

FlashArray// XL will deal with Pure Blend, which is the business’s cloud-resident control layer that handles storage throughout on-site, cloud and colo places.

Storage admins can handle Combination by means of application shows user interfaces(APIs) to set up release, work positioning, movement and rebalancing. Pure refer to it as ” storage-as-code” and declares it can provide on-demand storage from capability any place it is.

Admins can specify classes of storage and handle and move work throughout on-site and cloud to satisfy efficiency requirements.

FlashArray// XL is likewise offered as part of Pure Storage’s Evergreen/Pure-as-a- service usage designs of getting. Consumers spend for what they utilize in regards to efficient capability use, not provisioned storage.

Pure has actually likewise launched a brand-new variation– 6.2– of its Pureness running system. Here, an essential addition is that SafeMode immutable pictures, which are an essential defence versus ransomware, are on by default, which is the reverse of the previous setup.

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