Kalashnikov denies it stole the design of a video game weapon for its shotgun

Kalashnikov denies it stole the design of a video game weapon for its shotgun

In a nutshell: A computer game studio declares that arms producer Kalashnikov, maker of the AK-47, took the style of a weapon that appears in among its video games. The Russian business has actually rejected any misbehavior.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, Ward B CEO Marcellino Sauceda states he was called by Kalashnikov specialist Maxim Kuzin in early 2020 requesting for authorization to turn an imaginary shotgun– the Mastodon– that appears in its upcoming FPS Oceanic into a real-life weapon.

In exchange, Ward B was assured complete credit for the style, its logo design on the shotgun, and 3 of the completed weapons, making sure lots of promotion for Oceanic. The agreements for the offer didn’t show up, and Kalashnikov never ever got back in touch. Ward B just presumed that Kalashnikov disagreed with the specialist’s assertation that the Mastodon would work as a genuine shotgun.

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That was anticipated to be completion of the story, till Kalashnikov revealed the MP-155 Ultima on August 21,2020 It’s based upon the MP-155 searching shotgun, however it has actually a revamped aluminum and polymer chassis and an onboard computer system that reveals ammunition, a compass, stop-watch, and timer. It likewise has Wi-Fi and a rail-mounted electronic camera, all of that make it look really video game-like. It bears rather a similarity to the Mastodon. Kalashnikov even stated the MP-155 Ultima was “motivated by computer game” in its marketing for the shotgun.

Sauceda states specific elements of the MP-155 Ultima make it an outright copy of the Mastodon. The handguard, receiver, and other components have the exact same functions, a few of which were just put in the video game variation for visual factors and have no useful usage. The most telling sign is the L-shaped imprint above the trigger that Ward B utilizes as a concept on numerous of its video game weapons.

” The truth that they included this indent is type of … it’s questionable, since I type of feel they have the [Mastodon’s 3D model] and they forgot to omit that part– since they did eliminate it on the other side with the bolt,” stated Sauceda.

Kuzin declares the offer failed since Ward B did not have financing and financial investment to finish the video game and the release date was unidentified, implying it was too dangerous to deal with the business. He likewise declared Ward B never ever paid the idea artist behind the weapon, so there was no clear licensing or ownership. The studio states the artist was on a layaway plan from the start and has actually now been paid.

Kuzin included that he sought advice from “another designer from Russia” to produce the Ultima’s style “from scratch.” What’s truly rubbed salt in Ward B’s injury is that Kalashnikov has actually accredited the Ultima’s style to a various video game, Escape From Tarkov, finishing its journey from video game, to genuine weapon, to video game, supposedly.

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