It sure looks like a new Sonic the Hedgehog game reveal is coming soon

It sure looks like a new Sonic the Hedgehog game reveal is coming soon

Sonic the Hedgehog fans may have factor to tune into The Video game Awards later on today due to the fact that it appears like a brand-new Sonic video game will be exposed throughout the program. Sega has actually been dropping tips that a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog video game will be exposed throughout The Video game Awards, which host Geoff Keighley has actually been developing to be a huge occasion even beyond the award statements.

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Leakages and teases recommend brand-new Sonic quickly

If you follow either Sonic the Hedgehog or Geoff Keighley on Twitter, then you most likely saw an intriguing exchange in between the 2 just recently, with the Sonic account asking Geoff if he had any additional tickets to The Video game Awards. After some small talk about how the authorities Sonic account does not follow Keighley on Twitter, we get verification that Sonic and Sega will be at the program later on today, suggesting a brand-new video game will be exposed throughout it (by means of Twitter).

While that would generally suffice for us, that’s not where the tips and leakages end. As found by Reddit user JamKingVAC in a post to the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise page on Steam has actually been upgraded to reveal that the series includes 35 video games rather of34 Naturally, there’s no brand-new video game to accompany that upgraded number, so it appears that Sega is preparing the Sonic franchise page ahead of time for a brand-new statement.

Reddit users likewise indicate a freshly-discovered domain as proof that a brand-new video game is coming. At the minute, going to that domain returns a 403 mistake, however it’s possible that Sega is preparing the authorities Sonic site for whatever this brand-new video game is.

What could this brand-new Sonic video game be?

Certainly, that domain recommends that this brand-new Sonic video game might be called Sonic Frontiers It’s been a while considering that the last brand-new 3D Sonic video game, which was 2017’s Sonic Forces if we aren’t counting the remaster of Sonic Colors that introduced previously this year. The reality that Sega has actually trademarked the expression Sonic Frontiers provides a bit more trustworthiness to this specific report (by means of Computer Game Chronicles).

It might likewise be a brand-new 2D Sonic video game. While those are an unusual sight in the 21 st century, 2017’s Sonic Mania was rather potentially the very best Sonic video game given that the initial Genesis title Offered the favorable reception to Sonic Mania, you ‘d believe that Sega would wish to act on it with a follow up, however we have not heard anything about that in the years considering that.

In the meantime, the proof indicates a brand-new 3D Sonic video game called Sonic Frontiers, however we’re still a long method far from being sure about it. Presuming this brand-new video game is exposed at The Video game Awards, we the good news is do not need to wait long prior to we learn what it is since the program is taking place Thursday, December 9th, at 7 PM EST.

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