Fedora 36 Planning to Run Wayland by Default with Nvidia’s Proprietary Driver

While all of the software application elements are out there now for having the ability to run NVIDIA’s exclusive motorist stack with modern-day (GBM-based) Wayland compositors by default, consisting of XWayland assistance, Fedora Workstation presently defaults to utilizing an X.Org based session with the green binary blob. For Fedora 36 next spring they are preparing on utilizing the Wayland-based desktop here too.

Fedora Workstation for a while now has actually defaulted effectively to utilizing the Wayland-based GNOME Shell desktop however with the NVIDIA proprietary motorist they have actually kept to utilizing the X.Org session. Thanks to the NVIDIA 495 series chauffeur presenting GBM assistance and other enhancements made to sped up XWayland, and so on, running NVIDIA’s exclusive chauffeur stack for day-to-day Wayland-based desktop usage is ending up being feasible.

GNOME on X.Org will stay offered for those who desire it while the F36 modification proposition sent today would modify the udev guideline for GDM so those utilizing the NVIDIA 495 series or more recent would see the Wayland session by default.

Fedora 36 is due for release in April, with the hope now of having the ability to utilize Wayland throughout the board … With NVIDIA’s exclusive chauffeur stack now working well with Wayland, 2022 might see the X.Org/ X11 session assistance declining even more in the Linux environment.

The Fedora 36 prepare for Wayland by default with the NVIDIA proprietary motorist stack is set out on the Fedora Wiki for those thinking about more of the technical information.

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