Sonos supports lossless music from Amazon, Apple Music likely to follow

Sonos supports lossless music from Amazon, Apple Music likely to follow

It’s taken Sonos rather a long time, however the audio business lastly has another app prepared to make the most of its speaker’s top quality streaming capabilities.

Amazon Music signs up with french streaming service Qobuz and Sonos’ own Sonos Radio HD as one of the couple of music streaming platforms that supports lossless audio. Select gadgets like the Sonos Arc and Gen 2 Beam soundbars can likewise play supported tunes from Amazon Music with Dolby Atmos.

Beyond the top quality 3D audio, Amazon Music supports both 16- bit streams, significant ‘HD’ or 24- bit streams identified as ‘ultra HD.’ The sample rate likewise caps out at 48 kHz for those interested. To get these higher-end streams, you’ll require to utilize a Sonos speaker that’s suitable with the Gen 2 app (the brown one)

While I make certain there are numerous audiophiles with Amazon Music, I envision that more individuals are utilizing Apple Music, so I’ll be really eager to see when Sonos drops that upgrade. In a current post describing HQ audio terms, the business tips that it’s coming, however no timeline is exposed. The audio quality explainer is extremely fascinating if you enjoy that example.

It’s great to see Sonos broadening to support top quality audio from more services. Apple and Amazon both included lossless streaming to their services in May 2021, and Tidal has had the function for ages.

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