Kiernan Shirpka Explains How in Hell Sabrina’s Coming to Riverdale

Kiernan Shirpka Explains How in Hell Sabrina’s Coming to Riverdale

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Those fans who have actually been patiently waiting for the long-anticipated crossover in between Riverdale and The Chilling Experiences of Sabrina require to wait no longer. Tonight’s episode will lastly see Keirnan Shirpka’s teenage witch fulfilling her fellow Archie Comics characters as part of the program’s significantly strange “Rivervale” five-part occasion series, and the star has actually exposed why– and how— Sabrina’s concerned town after passing away in the ending of her own series.

Simply to be clear, there is no connection in between the 2 series, specifically at the minute. It was never ever clearly specified that Riverdale and Chilling Experiences occurred in the very same television universe in the very first location, however today, Riverdale may not even remain in its own connection. The occasion series has actually been happening in Rivervale, an alternate variation of the town where clearly supernatural things are occurring, like attacks by homicidal ghosts, the arrival of Satan, and the routine sacrifice of Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa) by all of his family and friends. Whether this is an alternate universe, a dream series, or something else totally, is yet to be seen.

So there does not require to be a description for how Sabrina has actually been reanimated after passing away and going to paradise in her series’ ending, however Shirpka has one anyways. “It’s really unlike Sabrina to simply sort of chill in the Sugary food Hereafter. I believe she would get tired and wish to discover her method back to her pals and her household, and vice versa. Her aunties and her buddies and Ambrose would do anything for her, so to me, it makes good sense that her death wasn’t a permanently death,” she informed < a data-ga="[["Embedded Url","External link","",{"metric25":1}]] href=" riverdale-sabrina-crossover-kiernan-shipka-interview-season-6-episode-4/" rel=" noopener noreferrer" target =" _ blank" > television Line Considering that there were prepare for a 5th season of Chilling Experiences in movement prior to Netflix chose not to restore the program, it promises Sabrina was going to be reanimated anyhow.

Once again, it barely matters. When it comes to what brings the witch to Riverdale, I’ll offer you 3 guesses, and they ought to all be Cheryl Bloom (Madelaine Petsch). Here’s the main run-through for tonight’s episode: “As Bailey’s Comet passes over Rivervale, Cheryl and Nana Rose review the terrible stories of the Bloom females through the years; the unique celestial occasion triggers Cheryl to summon a familiar face to Rivervale– Sabrina Spellman.”

” We discover that Cheryl and Sabrina have actually been good friends, and I believe it must come as not a surprise that those 2 characters are good friends,” Shirpka stated in the interview. “[Cheryl] requires some additional horse power and some additional witch power, and who much better to call than Sabrina?'”

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It does come as no surprise that Cheryl, who is currently leading a cult based around her murdered brother, has kept his rotting corpse around for far too long, and had a haunted doll—all in the show’s regular continuity, mind you—is friends with a witch who is/was a member of a satanic coven. Honestly, given how bananas everything is on Riverdale proper, it would come as no surprise to learn O.G. Cheryl is also friends with a witch who is/was a member of a satanic coven. There are already so many cults on the show; what’s one more?

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