Bilibili Unveils “Xiaohuangche” Enabling Users to Shop When Watching Live Streams

Bilibili Unveils “Xiaohuangche” Enabling Users to Shop When Watching Live Streams

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Chinese media outlet 36 Kr reported on Tuesday that it gained from a source that Bilibili was preparing to introduce its “Xiaohuangche” function on its live-streaming channel. The function will allow users to purchase products while viewing a live-stream.

The source states Bilibili has actually worked out with some uploaders and brand names and has actually essentially finished the very first batch of financial investment promos. The business will attempt an A/B test in the next couple of weeks and will then make the function openly offered as quickly as one week. Bilibili will offer traffic and assistance uploaders who take the lead in attempting live commerce broadcasts.

Another source validated that the launch of Xiaohuangche is still in a small alpha test.

WalktheChat priced estimate the information launched by Kantar China, mentioning that, throughout this year’s China Double Eleven e-commerce war, live commerce went beyond PC shopping as the 2nd biggest shopping channel. Bilibili has actually constantly been mindful about live-streaming commerce and has actually not set up a paid shopping procedure in its live-streaming space. The business’s hosts generally count on video advertisements, audience benefits, and platform rewards for their money making.

The launch of Xiaohuangche suggests that Bilibili is slowly accepting the live-streaming of items sales. In September of this year, Bilibili carried out live commerce tests with uploaders and hosts in numerous various fields, such as Liangfeng Kaze and Xie Anran.

Bilibili is anticipated to slowly unwind the constraints on item classifications and intake patterns. By the end of November, Bilibili has actually paid a fair bit to acquire payment licensing, recommending the business will enhance its internal deal processing of the platform.

Even when Bilibili members can just purchase 2D product or efficiencies tickets, Bilibili users have actually still revealed strong buying power. In Q3 this year, the profits from e-commerce and other organizations in Bilibili reached 730 million yuan, a year-on-year boost of 78%.

In addition to live commerce, Bilibili has actually made other in-roads in the e-commerce sphere. In 2018, Bilibili complied with Alibaba to introduce a “Reward Strategy”, in which uploaders can pick particular items and after that associate them with their own videos. After fans have actually acquired items and an invoice has actually been verified, the uploader will then create an earnings.

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The “Reward Strategy” needs uploaders to have more than 1,000 fans and to have actually submitted initial material within the last 30 days while passing a real-name authentication procedure. All of the products related to the uploader will be originated from Taobao while Bilibili will share the earnings. Bilibili will draw 50%for a specific uploader and 40%for MCN organizations with organization arrangements

In 2020, Bilibili planned to update its “Reward Strategy” and position the item’s link straight in the lower best corner of the live-streaming space in the kind of a shopping bag. After clicking the link, users would be required to a Taobao link to finish the order. It turns out this upgrade was restricted to an alpha test and was not put into prevalent usage.

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